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Put the phone away and talk. And so that's something that we're seeing that it's becoming more and more of a problem in society. And so there's too many people that are experiencing let down and discouragement. And they don't feel like they can have somebody that can turn to. You can't get that same effect on social media. As you can in the flesh, there's nothing that can replace a hug from somebody who loves you. And cares about you. There's nothing that can replace that listening ear when you got something going on in your life and you need that person. You need that one person that you can talk to. Not on a private message that I send you on Facebook, but now on a one on one basis. And so brother and proverb 17 and 22 tells us a joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. And why is that such a crucial passage of scripture? Because when we become discouraged, there will be times when our spirit starts to dry up. Our spirit starts to dry up and there will be times when our strength is gone. We don't feel physically or emotionally or spiritually as strong as we once did. And what usually happens when that happens, we start to withdraw ourselves from one another. We start to withdraw from worship. We start through withdrawal from fellowships and Bible studies. We start to seclude ourselves in our homes. We start to cancel plans that we once enjoyed. Why? Because depression is setting in. And because I start to feel sorry for myself. And I start to allow all this constant stream of thoughts to be fueled by negativity instead of positivity. And so brother and when we look at this here this morning, once in a while, I'll sit down and I'll meet with various individuals and if you've been an elder or a minister for any length of time, you do counseling from time to time. Individually as well as Mary's and couple counseling. And sometimes after I'm done, I'll sit there for a few minutes. Sometimes I'll pray, sometimes I'll just take a few breaths. And I'm usually left astonished at the amount of hertz that people are dealing with in their lives. But they're not reaching out generally to others whom they have a good personal connection with for advice. Because too often, the advice they get is worldly advice. And not godly advice. And so brother and we think about this. All around us in our communities are various peoples. Various people who are dealing with marriage troubles. Marriages are falling apart. Finances are a mess. They're worried about their jobs. They're worried about their kids. They're worried about the sin in their lives. They have regrets huge regrets from things they've done in the past. Their health isn't when it used to be. Their life, the life that they live in our lives that we live have a way of wearing us down. And when we become discouraged, when we become disappointed and depressed, what do we usually do? We seclude ourselves. That's exactly what Satan wants you to do. Say it and want you to think that nobody cares. He wants you to think that you're not as important. He wants you to think that you're kind of like the oddball out now, and he wants you to start to pull away from the church. He wants you to start to pull away from family members. Start to pull away from various friends. Rather, and when we start complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves, Satan begins to win. Because our faith begins to suffer. And when our faith begins to suffer, well, then we start to find excuses about why we can't make it to worship. Why we can't make it the Bible study. Why we can't make it to church fellowship opportunities. And why we stop actually fellowship being with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Satan begins to win if he could get you to seclude yourself off from the brethren. It's sad when that happens, brother, because that's when we need each other the most. God calls us to be a unified body of believers. And that seclusion is should be the last thing that ever happens. We should never be secluding ourselves from one another. Instead of secluding ourselves, we need to come to God. We need to rely on his strength and we need to rely on the strength of the saints that are sitting in this pew here this morning. And so when you're struggling here at Lincoln park, don't seclude yourself off. Don't start to miss and forsake worship service and Bible study and fellowship opportunities. We probably had a dozen people, maybe 12, 15 people had showed up at the Kaggle berry farms yesterday. We had a great time the ones who showed up. And if you weren't there, you could have had a great time too if you were there. Brother and so I encourage you to take advantage of it as many of those type of opportunities as you can. I know sometimes life gets in a way and you can't attend every event, but you should try your best to attend as many of the fellowship opportunities as you can. And so when we look at this, remember what Jesus said why is it so very important that we and that we show the love to one another that we encourage one another that we lift up one another? Because Jesus said in John chapter 13 of her 35, he says your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. And so brother and were to be a bright light in the world a world of darkness and sin and of depression and rising suicidal rates, people need to see that there's something different about us here at Lincoln park. There's something different about the way we carry ourselves. The joy that we have, even in difficult moments, knowing that even though when we lose a loved one, that we could take joy and comfort knowing that they're in Paradise that they went on to receive the reward, selfishly, yes, we want to hold on to them. And we want their for as long as we can. But they're now in a place that we all desire to get to. And so we can find the level of comfort in that, even though we're still sad. And so brother and we think of the word of God, we think of how we need to love one another and times of difficulty and the times of joy. We need to cry at each other's shoulders and lift each other up. We need to be willing to laugh with each other and to do all that life all that happens in life. Together as a unified body, constantly encouraging one another because that will show the world that we're Jesus's disciples. It makes me think of what the apostle Paul had to say. The way that we could show our love for Christ is by loving others without reservation. And first, thessalonians in chapter 5 and adverse 11, it tells us that we are to encourage one another. Encourage one another and build each other up just as they were already doing. But he gives us as a reminder. Some of us do a great job of building each other up and encouraging one another. I mentioned what Randy does for me every Wednesday and Sunday. Every time I preach a lesson, every time I do a Bible study, he always has a word of encouragement. It makes me think of calcium, who's gone out to his reward when I was an Allen park. A wonderful brother in Christ. That man encouraged me and encouraged me and encouraged me constantly. And what a joy he was to my life. Because there are days where there were days where I didn't feel like I did my best. I didn't feel like I presented the message to the best of my ability. Then maybe I could have done more at times. And yet he finds ways to lift you up into encourage you when he was on this earth. And why do we do that? So others can know that we are the disciples of Christ. And so brother and I makes me think of a Jesus had to say.

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