President Trump, Robert Muller, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Cover that area. The yearbook, can get closer to the shoreline Have. Been your typical boat in the shoreline and land areas where they were they were concentrating. Their search flavor is autistic has closed and bike were found in that area of the Waterford. Visitor's center suit search crews also using drones flavors family. Is. Asking anyone who wants to assist in, the search to come to that Waterford visitor's center. And update to the story about a missing Schenectady woman and her four month old son police had been attempting to check on the welfare of thirty eight. Year old heaven Pulaski Anderson Rayan heaven has been located but the infant still has not been found Schenectady police are looking for any help. Related to that search a counter offer in the back and forth from the president's attorney regarding an interview what special counsel Robert Muller, FOX's John decker with the latest from the White House the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani issuing this response. To special counsel Robert Muller who's seeking to interview the president as part of his investigation stop the. Nonsense you trying to trap him into perjury Because you don't have a case Giuliani said the president's legal team has responded to Muller with a counter offer for proposed. Terms of a. Possible presidential interview Giuliani is, calling on Muller to conclude his probe without further delay the president's, attorneys have said they will. Take a subpoena fight. To court at the White House Jon decker Fox News Carla provost is the new chief of the US border patrol and is the first woman to run the agency I can guarantee you this may be the first female chief of the border patrol but I I am certain that I. Will not be the, last provost was promoted after being named acting. Chief last year women make up only about five percent of border patrol agents and provost is expected to boost the ranks of female agents she'll, be leading efforts to enforce President Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration a local home health. Aides been arrested police, say she stole more than forty thousand dollars from a person she was carrying for police say that Kansas Koon of. Waterville lead stole. The money during parts of two thousand Seventeen and this year saying that she forged and later cashed checks Albany county sheriff Craig apple issues a warning relative to an impostor telephone scam with a person calling. Identifies themselves as a member of the Albany county sheriff's office the person calling falsely identifies themselves. And then, leaves a, contact number people are called instructed there's an urgent civil matter where monies owed the issue must be resolved immediately. Apple says that his, office will never call over the phone to collect or negotiated, debt WGN, news time approaching 1205 our.

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