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So it's kind of just like we present a scenario and it's sort of just a clothesline for gags throat. Yeah it's like ninety minutes of jokes right okay. Fair enough yeah. It's like you know those of old eighties nineties. American companies when you get a load of up and coming comedians to do something like With american samoa. It's sort of like that consistent for a couple of years. We have is still embrace. Books was withdraw streaming thing and they have a load of content warnings. I'm single contains. Language sexual references racial imagery stereotypes and homophobia like every single one of those now has that glick warning for all of those. I think it was like twelve rooms now. Something i i feel like digging into something here. I kind of wanted to talk about before we the phone. I know it this. Mike cup is up to camp. But what we're reviewing films and other guys feel about it as well. Do you like to take it as a piece of work from. Its time with you. Try and hold it up to a more contemporary lens. What you what are you going to do. Who's the panelist at our pod. Basically so i think liam is very much one to argue that these things are of their time. And i'm likely to lend him an assist on that one and go for the for the maybe not the extreme that we're talking about here in one of our dinosaurs is missing but if we were talking let's say Assault james bond goldeneye the class. Good girl bad girl womanizer. All sorts of these products time. It's a form of escapism We can't put twenty twenty morals on a nineteen ninety five film or earlier so on and so forth We need to realize the the sort of time from the context which they were made georgia. And i think ethan. If i feel free to correct me if i'm speaking out of turn here i think as the younger members of our panel are more likely to people who didn't live through that that that era and haven't seen that necessarily slow progression where it's all for them kind of a history broken. It just feels very jarring what they're seeing composed to what they know to be right. Today are more likely to come at it with a critical eye and and say this is an honor. We can't excuse for that So i think overall we just don't let me take a stance. We try to have that conversation. I it's kind of inside but like a bit of both because whenever i see films i try and be like okay. This film came out in this. This era might not look as good at might have some out the things. I'll still try and see it as a piece of But then i lost me like this wouldn't fly now so there's a there's a back and forth may this might be done well but also are issues now which might bring it down..

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