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And what eighty miles a lot of experts have come away from this saying listen all things with together they now who had very well have the ability to reach alaskan not the low of 48 statement hawaii but still at least alaska time for a change is strategy laudable the folks are sitting no more and more diplomacy i pointed out the previous show that in fact once your leverage backing your position to diplomacy is repeatedly seed is never use wielded by default you wanted a marginalising year old diplomatic prowess it is perhaps now time resulting closer akin to action versus words alone your assessment sir what exactly where people are a major milestone evac working i impact our crew the rangers and greet the accurately terrible but they finally have and i will ahead of schedule some people caught a couple years away christ but while we're able to watch this when we did that make one wonder of course would also under meeting them all without can they do that we didn't think they could do you really hard to move on to the next eight her career for decades now we played a little game china china definitive helpfully do things and they collect who worked for the queen geostrategically for that and then it happened again and again began and i end by quarters growing awareness that now something has to happen something will happen if we don't do something about or korea and if the rebel point is that they can japan now that problem they've always at missiles that could get there but there were conventional warhead made that big of different now to get in your hand very close to being able to do let me ask you to listen to look let me ask you listen to a little bit from admiral james separatists he was on msnbc one joe joe scarborough because it's and he says that they're missile can travel five thousand miles but he believes gouda year and a half or so for they have the ability brutal nuclear warhead on that derek lewis won't equally skylight histories coming together thank the titanic and the ice spurred on they added quite crossed yet this is a longrange missile i can probably got five thousand miles it does range alaska but they to demonstrate to put a nuclear weapon harnett miniaturise it and deliver it so i would say that strings haven't quite crossed they're probably a year away maybe a year and.

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