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How can we trust that? This prosecutor is really going to act in the public interest, and not in a in a way, a biased way to the favor of the officer. I think that appearance regardless. Of The mere appearance of that can shake public confidence, and in a case like this, it is exceptionally important to maintain public confidence. I tend to generally be supportive of outside prosecutors. Both because I think their decisions are less likely to be influenced by. By. because I think they their decisions appear to the public to be less influenced by bias and that that's a really important point. We go. Down to the manslaughter or we got more on the road. justic year that we're good on emerges. Let me, ask you what's what's your thought process on? The Difference Between this case in the Eric Garner case. Both had we know in both cases. There's. Outrage I'm understanding now that every there's at least a city in off at the states are blowing up or having some type of protest blown up spreading the wrong word, some type of protests all fifty states. Yeah wants the world. What's different about that? Compared to the Eric about this compared to Eric Garner case. When it comes to the underlying cases I, don't know that they're actually that different right, but I think that's why we see a lot of public reaction right now. Because we as a as a country as a world. Didn't we just see this? Didn't we just see Eric Garner? Saying that he couldn't breathe and then dying as a result of similar, although not identical actions, I think the fact that this is a repetitive problem is part of what's driving public sentiment here right? If this was a one time thing that had never happened before and everyone in the country thought surely the police in the prosecutor. We're going to respond appropriately here. I, don't think we would be seeing the protests in all fifty states, but it's not. It's a repeat issue. It's a repeat issue at this particular agency. Right I can take you back to twenty thirteen I believe a gentleman named David Smith The city of Minneapolis paid out a three million dollar settlement to the family of David Smith after he suffocated to death, while being held in the prone position with his hands, cuffed behind his back for more than four minutes. Sound familiar right, so I think we see echoes of Eric Garner in this case, and that's infuriating to see the same problem again. I also think that this is more egregious case than the Eric Garner case. In the Eric Garner case they're. The officers were I. I apologize for the phrasing here because I'm not quite sure how to say what I want to say, but the officers were active. There was a struggle they were they were. Moving around. So at least gave the appearance that that stuff was going on Mr. Garner was still resisting in some way and here. You don't have any of that. You have George Floyd laying. Even while he's talking, he's laying passively his movements or minor at best..

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