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Is, you know, like if you're wearing a wristwatch or a Fitbit or whatever, go ahead and switch it to the other hand. So anyone who's listening to this who's wearing anything switch it to the other hand, this sounds so dumb and simple, but in fact, what it's doing is just breaking this little tiny bit of optimization, which is whenever you want to know what time it is, you look at your wrist and you're doing that. But now you have to look at your wrist and sort of pay attention to, oh, what am I doing? It's all my other hand. What does it actually look like? What does it feel like and so on? There are a million ways to do this. You can brush your teeth tonight with your other hand. It sounds simple. It's actually not so simple because you're so automatized with your one hand. So it'll really get you to pay attention, what the heck you're doing there. One thing that I try to do every day is drive a different route home from work as often as possible will take a different turn and what that does is it just forces you to look at a new neighborhood and see new houses and new trees and hopefully something you hadn't seen before. And this is a way to get yourself off of the automatized zombie driving that you would otherwise do every day. So there are a hundred things like this that you can do, including just something simple like rearranging your desk, your office, just so that you're not sitting in the same place with the same thing every day, but forcing yourself to just break out of that. It's so simple to do these little habits, but they're good habits to establish so that you don't lose your life to a timeless automatized existence. So in order to not lose your life to a timeless automatized existence, David eagleman suggests that you take a new path every day, do something novel, switch your hand, switch it up, and actually become re-engaged in your life. Bingo. Awesome. Thank you so much, David for letting us inside your head today. Great. Thank you. It's such a pleasure to be here. You can learn more about David and his fantastic work,.

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