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Welcome back. I am Sarah Gonzales here with Jason patrol. Our last day. Our last day of filling. I know the audience MRs. But I think I'm gonna miss talking to you guys every day because I just say good alad event. It is as I did the first twenty minutes of the show about a completely personal issue that I'm sure the. Well, we don't care pissed off your son at school. But no it's been a blast in. Thank you again to Steve dais for allowing us to to come to come on in and fill in for him. But anyone wants to reach us eight nine hundred three three nine three. Let's get back into to Mattis that was big Mattis Madison's resigned. We went over his resignation letter there were couple different places that really stuck out to us might when I saw the sentence. That was I won't get this completely. Right. But you deserve. You know, a secretary who is aligned with your views. I was like, wow. Yeah. It is. That's that's ballsy. And that's that's that's saying a lot. It's it was very respectful way to say it, but that was Mattis CYA I'm going to make sure that everyone knows I did not agree with these decisions. I served under Mattis in Afghanistan. I had the privilege of hearing him speaker who times record. He is universally respected everywhere. Yeah. Everywhere like, our allies respect him are more. Maybe more importantly, our enemies respect him. He is the he is the general of our generation he is on the level of Patton. You know, MacArthur. He's on that level. That's the type of general. He is I to say, I couldn't tell you if he's a Republican democrat because that's not what he's all about. Yeah. He's not all about, you know, talking about his political stances. He will never tell you. I don't think ever what his political stances which again was why we were so happy when Trump picked him to be Defense Secretary said, okay. He's got a bunch of Yahoos around him. But at least he has a couple of good ones and Mattis was was one of those. Yeah, he he is all about seeking out. And destroying the enemy. That's what he's all about. He could be a socialist for all. I know. I know he's not, but he could be but he would never let far stretch. But I'm what I'm saying is never known dinner with Alexandria, Causey Cortez. We don't know could be, but you would never know it because he would never let that enter into his duties as a general and as a secretary of defense when like I said when he was when he was a general or I'm sorry, this I signed on secretary defense. I was like, hey, you know, I'm kinda worried about some of the things that the president might do because I know that he doesn't have the experience in it. But with men like Mattis, I'm less worried less worried about it. Because I know that he's going to do everything in his power to make sure that we as a country are safe now. I know there's other people out there that are that are like that. But but in in the way that this was done it tells me that no matter what he's the president's not gonna listen to them. Right. He's not gonna listen to the advice. He's given. I think instead of listening to those advisors. He's listening to one advisor, and that's it. And that adviser is a pollster. The poster is like sitting in his little kindergarten desk next to the resolute desk. And he saying Mr President your take a big hit because you're going to get impeached. The house is going to try and impeach you. It's probably it's not gonna get passed the Senate, but they're going to do it. So politically, you're gonna take a hit. Right. So what you need to start doing is. You are doing some things that are gonna make your base get stronger. And one of those people are already seeing these buzzwords don't out on Twitter and other places in the media where they're saying that look we can't be the policeman of the world..

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