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Her husband is restaurant touring zero year winners yone this restaurant that's that's what you're saying ride that's what i mean and that still work she's working harass off i come from a restaurant family it's all day at sex radio i gave her the credit for working but when she starts with the other women might well at least abbott business will us not like you know you work you're wear from the busboy and are now restaurant owner ironic that the woman who loves to brag about having a business can't seem to mind her own business as some deep thoughts for everyone right there the thought skies yet that sorry sorry shahshad you could have had that one of your thought of it i owed shasha has a new saying today and she says it twenty times and i can't wait to get to it but will all will wait she's actually by the way shusha's like the worst she is liz she is like the worst you know last season we hated or this season i was like okay she's a little bit better but watching this epseta mike you know a shasha your chest the worst she is she makes you feel bad for because she cries and she only talks to her dogs and i mean she has hopper board so like it sap yet so you feel bad for her but guys remember hitler cried himself to sleep sometimes too would consult at our work is a maybe i should turn to genocide he's like god dab of aboard the jews appalled if only the dr jeff to help him we could have saved so many people at lark hatler way going it lark get back adler are hitler had learnt hitler.

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