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Tear afghanistan president biden of course continues to tow the tallow dan lying to say that he will get our troops out of by that august thirty first deadline. Chaos reigns supreme. But if there's one bright spot it is the selfless courageous ongoing efforts of the u. s. military six thirty nine now northern colorado's voice one of three one thirteen ten kfi a. mornings with gail via the auto collision a specialist studios. Things are intensifying as we speak This as there are reports of the very real potential of violence of increasing violence at the kabul airport as people so desperately struggled to get out question. This as i've heard some military experts saying that the last flights might be going out as early as saturday or sunday. We still don't know really. How many americans are still stranded in afghanistan. Sure we know the number in kabul but wrote about in the west of the country. I've seen numbers as high as fifteen thousand well when this deadline hits august thirty first will they be left behind. you know. it's amazing because the safety of americans as mike pompeo wrote in fox news. The safety of americans afghanistan is now reliant on the taliban not the us government. It's not only inconceivable incomprehensible but as my palm say payer said it is in. Excusable joined this morning by military veteran and Author of a great new book Dan blakely co author. I should say he served in the second battalion. Seventy fifth ranger regiment deploying six times in support of the global war on terror. His passion for veterans success in telling their stories was the inspiration for this book. The twenty year war. Dan is the co founder and chief executive officer of united valor. This is a company focused on telling the untold stories of war through all media formats. Dan welcome to the show first things first. Thank you so much for your courageous service. Thank you for having me so many veterans now asking the question as we look at the rather well. I would say ungraceful exit the bumbling exit from afghanistan many veterans of afghanistan. Asking the question was america's longest war really worth it. Yeah you know. I have Countless friends that. I served with People you know. I'm acquaintance to multiple veteran groups. That.

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