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Get some breaking news right now we're getting reports out of the wall street journal that cashing is said to be planning retiring by next year according to the wall street journal citing people familiar with the matter at this point it's been my colleague angela you spoke with him last year that's was there any sense that he was planning on stepping down that he was the first time we're hearing about a specific date but to be clear mr lee has always talked about eventually retiring the reality of the business it's the reality of life and we in fact discuss that face to face when i sat down with him last hearings office in seventy four here of changkang building in fact i've learned death through my sources that in fact he is at his desk right now he's watching this wall street journal story with rather the news meant because right now he is in very much in charge he often does talk about his retirement plans with a lot of people but he also stresses his confidence in the leadership that is there right now specifically his son victor li at the helm he remains in very good health he remains very positive about the direction of cheung kong holdings and so right now what i'm learning is that he is watching all of this at this wall street journal story which is not necessarily official and also what sources close to the matter that i'm todd with say this is of course you're footage from his chat with him last year so that is desk that's what your your contacts jelly upstairs in the same building we are here a doctor was just in case though doctors about who is next to my home here what would be victor li there's already a leadership in place right now as a succession there is already a succession plan and that leadership is very much solidly in place mr lee as certainly said that when i spoke to him last year that even if he does at some point consider stepping down and in which case of course that is huge news he will very much still be involved and they might have to chase them out he jokingly said so once again this wall street journal story is not official i it's believed at least from his office.

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