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Your pond the firm response we're your sandals are busy deteriorating of bottom feeding the bacteria the difficulty is when they defecate they defecate a complete load of the viruses that are traveling with them the viruses and the dogs the U. gradual pensieri adequately and dogs and things we do anything so the dogs and pigs eat the stuff that you pull out of the bottom of the pond which includes the stuff of the docks in east have defecated if those viruses are able to figure out how to research and development in a way so that they can live inside of your pigs then the step from humans the jump from takes the humans is very small in viral terms and that's why you saw all of these H. and N. one viruses all of these avian viruses coming out of China a while ago and those are corona viruses many of those are corona viruses to the **** the riveting the AJ the south Koreans mourn their lessons about how to respond very quickly to a virus from mowers and from sars which are two other coronaviruses in the same family as the coronavirus that we're suffering from right now we didn't learn a lesson from those things apparently South Korea must been much harder hit by them and South Korea knew they had a big problem for earlier in the game that we did so you know we we know so little about China too if other than I hope we have more reports like the ones we're hearing about now this suppose it red dawn piece that was in The New York Times the letter from Tom cotton other people that were sounding the alarm pretty early including Peter Navarro is ironically yeah but I think one thing we don't know I'm not it's easy to think that we we can make assessments based on what we hear but we only we can only do that on the basis of what is reported so here's my point is we don't know how many times China has successfully thrown a net over a province like Wuhan or other areas even smaller areas that had seen an infection and successfully kept it from the rest of the world we don't know they're never going to tell us yeah we've done this nine out of ten times this one escaped but all the other times we we actually do it and they have yet to ever explain you know to the degree of efficacy that they were operating under when they did that with with the Wuhan province which obviously didn't work well one thing that there's a positive message that we can take from the way that they reported that they have handled the war crime problem and that is the big question for a lot of us is when is this going to end now Anthony Fauci when he was asked about whether it be ended.

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