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I hope you're editing this stuff out. No, he won't. No, I'm not going to what a what a general Whittaker Whitaker. I know what I'd do what slobs scene of I stumbled into all right. Where were we were talking about the backstage pass the backstage pass chat, and then you wanted to go into something about the pre show. Right. That's with your backstage pass. You become a member of the backstage pass family. And then what you also become a member of is the insanity. That is our pre show. You can watch the the cool thing about watching our pre show is it's an unedited view into me prepping the show, and I am completely unedited during that period. A lot of people hate the pre show because I talk, you know, isn't like I'm trying to piss anybody off? Yes, yes, yes. Yes, you're unedited. What's what? The? Yes, yes, yes, dead gentleman. So yeah, I'm on edited, so there's a lot of stuff that comes flying out during the pre show that some people like the pre show better than the show. Some people hate the pre show. Some people could could care less. But anyway, you get that and you also. Get the backstage pass chat on Friday night. Now when we draw from this pool of backstage pass people on the map, Bs p map, people. This is getting mysterious getting more confusing as the day goes by. Yeah. No, it ain't getting confusing will let you know what you're going to win, be a grand prize and the grand prize not talking about yet. He almost hit me with that piece of paper, though I did was I was grabbing it to read it down, bet you're grabbing it. Thank you. And here comes the show. I'm Phil Henry all of the voices. You'll be hearing on the show tonight. We'll be done by me. There's there's no one else here. It's just me. I sit here never mind. Henry show. Well, this is going to be interesting. I talked to. Jet just before we'll just before I got here Jeff Belanger who the author of book called a voice for the voiceless is going to be on the show. This is about as goofy a book as I've ever heard of will hold on for it because I thought it was extremely interesting, and I think it's worthy of our consideration. It's about, I'll tell them what it's about. I talked to the guy, great length that Greece stint, yes, alive. See what is this anyway? What are these guys talking to that? They are part of the screening process for the show market. It's just you, hey, I talked to a book guy. We'll put them on the air like the idea of being screened something else they're producing producing. Well, anyway, this doctor Jack blender, a voice for the voiceless speaking on behalf of and it's very beautiful infants. What would it infants say to a mother into a father? If before that infant was nursing at it's mother's breast, it realized that the sex play between the mother and father involved. That very breast and was grotesque. What. That grotesque, but involved body parts. You know what I'm saying? Not really. Not really. So in other words, the breast is not a sex object. Of course, it is. I could care like if the guy was Redstone, say it. So this guy's book is about that. Yes, this guy's book is about, what are you? What are you looking at? Well, Margaret, I, you know, I'm sure it's a great book Margaret. You need to explain it a little bit better. I explained it real good. Let's get the gentleman. His name is Jack, Jack Belanger. Okay. Jeff, Belanger is with us. He is a pediatrician, Dr. Blanchard, thank you very much for.

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