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Find money report is brought to you by BAE Alarm Because if your securities not the best, you're not secure. Visit bay alarm dot com to get protected Today, the high pressure that brought some heat today weakens and moves east starting tomorrow on onshore flow moves in and lower temperatures. We even get a Marine layer back high temps that our beaches are in the mid seventies. Tomorrow, Los Angeles warms to 80 degrees. Our values and inland Empire Heat up to the lower nineties. Anthony Honest NBC for Right, now 74 in Rancho Santa Margherita, 91 in Orange, 85 Chatsworth and 78 in West Hills. We lead local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra Mark, California is among several states where the number of new infections is rising. Texas Arizona Florida and Georgia are among the other hot spots. President Trump does not see the threat as a fire store. We have members and we do have flames. Florida became More flame like, but it's it's going to be under control, Frustrated by soaring cases, many of those cases our young people that would heal in today they have the sniffles, and we put it down as a test. It's not just what's opened and closed. It's also about what we do individually. It's about the people who are getting together outside of their households. Corona virus shut down Day 124. John and Kensho, John Coble and Ken Sham Poets Kampf. I am 6 40 Live everywhere on the I. Heart Radio APP has a lot of developments on the covert front will be talking about the next hour with Steve Gregory. Tough work in accounting on the city and Looks like Gavin using a little testy with Elsa, Good Times reporter who was following up on that story They did last week that Well, when we moved ahead with re opening, we didn't have everything in place that we're supposed to have. We didn't meet the standards..

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