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Guys I had to take my beanie off. I was getting hot here. You need a Nina. You WANNA be skied. They go Since she's so cute so I went to. I haven't washed my hair in seven days so I was gonna say this is crazy. The unprofessional fighter. Crawl out of your head Okay so you just said that your last name is Dutch stuck. It stuck its Dutch. It's Dash Right. Yes okay and I just said I went to Amsterdam which made no sense. But it was such a cool experience. I went to the Red Light district with my husband like a typical tourists and I was trying to get him to let one of the girls suck his Dick but he wouldn't do it because they do it for like a hundred and fifty bucks hold on hold on. Oh I get to skip past that fun. Okay by the way. Have you gone to Amsterdam number okay? You need to do it. The girls and I'm not even kidding. You guys and I know it's like maybe it's like I don't know their whole situation there. Apparently they're treated while and they pay taxes and everything's legal and whatever. These are some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I'm talking about models like some. I mean some of them. Not all of you know a lot of them a lot of them. I was walking by and I was like I just want to take all them to America and give them an instagram account. And then they won't have to Suck Dick Anymore. You know what I mean like girl. Let me get you on some fit. Let me get you bear hair adds to you won't have to be stuck in some fat guy's cock anymore really though truly. This isn't what I thought it was going to go with with you asking me about my last name but I love it. I'm just trying to say but by the way loved Amsterdam and I know it's in that General vicinity. It's nowhere near its Dutch right. Am I wrong? No that's why I was wondering. Why are you not wrong because I got clogs there and I'm fucking like I know that should right so it was the by the way the most beautiful people everyone knew and they ride bikes everywhere. And they're so healthy. You have to go like just the. The scenery is it's unreal. Yes yeah it's like a story book I've wanted to go My my last name was was Belgian. It is so To kind of get over there included Belgian. Yeah but I just never have where. Why where have you have. You traveled? Okay Okay but just not you would love it. Definitely on the list It's really just more about like finding the time. Yeah also Kinda thought it might be funny. Goes like a group of people. Yeah my fiance. And I have been traveling a little bit would you? We got engaged in Iceland. Which was WHOA? Did you engage in one of those crazy? Hotels that has like the Like hot pool in the cold winter now by watching too many take talks too much. There's these like Po tells and Iceland that have oh like it's out in the in the open and it's like hot and you go in it. Did you do that do it? But I'm GONNA talk about okay. So how was getting engaged? How did it go without a hitch? Who yeah went without a hitch? Plan I had. I had the ring and it was so funny. My Dad helped me get through Security L. 'cause we were leaving so we went and saw my family for Christmas and in Atlanta and so I had the ring. My mom worked at a jewelry store. Her whole life so clair's so she Ring pop a convenience store by the way So she brought the ring the ring up with her Christmas and showed it to me for the first time. I'd like help design it and everything but I've never seen it in person so families like in on it except for except for my fiance as kind of like. Why are you guys huddling in the room? Yeah she's like talking Shit on me. He's planning to dump me so we had this plan so we're going straight from there to Iceland and we'd always wanted to go dyson coming to do it do it there. Maybe under the northern lights. You know who knows? Yeah Yeah So. I didn't really have a plan but I just knew I wanted to do with their and it turns out. My Dad was leaving the flying out the same time we weren't. I'm I don't WanNa go through security with it Because if it goes off or if they checked my bag like it's GonNa we're GONNA have. Who's The lucky bitch? So I was like. What can we do and he was like. I'll take it. I'll go through. He's can you went through a different line and he was all nervous and we had this really awkward exchange in the middle of the Atlanta airport. Death giving me drew his dad dryers. Lucy looked at us. We're on the escalator. She looked at us and he's got his hand in my coat pocket weird. I would be like all right. Something fucked back in human. I are kind of looking at her. Like Oh my God it. It was a very very tense moment for me because I if she asked me anything. I'm not going to ally. I can't have no clue. I did really says she had an idea or she's an hope. Yeah but personally. I don't think she did really me? I was pretty pretty careful with it. and so we didn't end up doing it on the northern lights but we did it ended up working out. Do It on this This black sand beach who in Iceland? Yeah is hot. Knows Steve Freezing so freezing cold he like. Let's go to the beach. She's like bitch. I am freezing. It's one of those things. It's one of those things like when you go to Iceland's one of the places that you have to see It's kind of almost lists like the touristy list of places to go. It's a black sand beach but you really feel like you're in Mars Mars. The scenery in the atmosphere is like nothing you've ever seen so we were there by ourselves and I was like this is kind of the sun was setting and so it was kind of It was kind of perfect. So what did you do? Just get down in the end. She was just like I actually told her I was like. This is amazing amazing backdrop. She's like yeah she's GonNa kill me so I said Yeah I said you know you gotta go stand over there. I'll get like this amazing. You know Photo of you know you could post it. Whatever so I knew you know skirl. She wants the photo. She's not gonNA turn around a room. I was like very still. Yeah so I just set my book bag up. Fish the ring out how you always have a book bag a really good student way by the way because the thing was. I didn't WANNA leave it in the room right right so I had it with me. 'cause I also didn't have a plan I'll always had with the on me smart And so I set my phone up On the book bag and I just went over there and and gotten and it's all on video Videotaped it video and I didn't even check frame. I was kind of like out of body. It's your asses. It literally looks like someone was standing there. Filming US was perfect. The Sun is setting in the background. People seen the video and they're like Oh my God but I didn't know of course okay. Yeah I didn't plan like it wasn't that plan. It looks beautiful but I didn't plan And she was speechless speechless like she she. She had no idea especially at the time to good moment. Worked out on my God. And when was that that was New Year's Eve A year last. Not this one. We just had he had the last hour. And when are you guys getting married? Do you have a date yet? We don't we haven't had we kinda just taking things day by day. You know it was one of those things where I knew that was the step that WanNa take. Yeah But we're both on the same page as far as like. Let's just take our time and you know that's probably not gonNA do anything extravagant. I love that my husband proposed to me in the bedroom so he was August. Here you go through it at my head. I'm out what does that. Oh hell yeah been great great. Imagine if that's how we propose to me you've been great you're great at Sucking Dick. I gotTa reward for you here. You Go. That's hilarious. Okay so I WANNA get back to the movie because we're talking about romance and stuff like that. We got off track. I mean no. It's good because you're telling me all these stories. You told me some worse which is awesome but I have like a worse for you because when we were shooting. Because we're talking about. I was romantic seven. It's making me think in the film. You got to stay in like a Nicer Hotel you. They put they put all the all the main characters and like a normal. What was it? It was the Maryam's the actors who were there for longer periods. Mary okay the more important ones anyway. So I was like I play. Pam's best friend Brianna and so the only other hotels out that was nearby verse Small Town Very Small Town. Upstate New York was this busted as what was the name of it. Do you remember the name I was GonNa say I wanna say it was just it had columns okay and fucking gi? It looked like the fucking White House I was like. What the fuck it. An indoorsy never went an indoor pool. It was terrifying okay. You're so lucky right. Told me to stay with. It was horrifying okay. So they just started remodeling. The hotel was built in nineteen eighteen. Oldest Shit I walked in. I got their super late at night. I hadn't seen Adena with me. The Co Star. I know so. It had her with me because I'm codependent can't ever be alone and so I get hotel and I'm checking in and everything's fucking rickety and creaky and the guy behind the counter thousand and he's like we have we only have rooms left on the law he's like. No one likes to stay on the third floor and I was like why and he goes. Apparently it's hard to agree already have a fucking anxiety disorder just for six hours to New York with my dog. I'm having several panic attacks like I just been in my relationship with my husband. I'm trying to be cool. Not Call them freaking the fuck out so mike okay. Cool I can handle this They just renovated the hotel just above the third floor and so everything above the third floor looked brand new but of course I get stock. He takes me to my fucking room right and in the fucking security guard takes me to my room which is creepiest. Shit like you guys. Don't have a fucking bellhop. Like what about your? He can't take me to my room. I'm too old so they take me to my room and I opened the door and it's like it's a fucking wooden door. I don't know if you've ever been in like an old house. But you know they have like wooden colonial doors with the with the Glass. Handle the bugging glass hand. The fuck is a glass glass. Handle Talk Open. It's got like the fucking what's the key the keyhole don't know like an actual fucking skeleton key. Not like the fucking little card thing I was. I was in the movie the Skeleton. Anyway so I opened the door. The fucking wallpaper is literally still from nineteen eighteen. It's like a patterned old wallpaper. That's peeling okay. Drew wallpapers peeling. It's like looks like there'd been radiator leaking like I don't know what there's like the furniture is like from one thousand nine hundred eighteen. The bed has posters like the poster bed. Everything's wooden terrible right. So my all my God. I can't believe I have to stay here. I actually called my agent was like I don't want to do this film I'm leaving. I'm not doing this. I was like I'm not trying to get Like abducted bipolar guys. So I think I want to go home. And we're all the blue imminence and I'm not even a diva. I would have been fine right but like it was scary anyway. How good you'RE I. I didn't complain. I didn't complain. I told my agent and then that was it and she was like just stick it out. Be a big girl. I was there for a week and I actually flew home. How through because I didn't want to have four days off? You were like eight to fly myself home because I couldn't stay in the room any longer anyway so I'm in the room. I'm trying to make myself at home right. There's a wooden shell that has like some fucking creepy books from nineteen eighteen on it next to my four poster bed and Nina has her ball and she keeps bringing me her ball. And I'm like unpacking my stuff and I'm just throwing over my shoulder right and she keeps bringing it back and was like okay. Whatever throwing it over my shoulder and then I you know spring from your throat over my shoulder and then I turn around..

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