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Conveniently omitting the contribution of their american allies of course but it made its point right right yeah i guess we weren't involved in any of those efforts i think group d the one with croatian jiri iceland in argentina is the most interesting to me and and all that stuff is up to play outside of of those four croatia's the only one that's actually clinched a spot but argentina and ice lind with their tiebreakers and everybody of course is rooting for iceland because they as we say around here their entire country is half the population of detroit and somehow they managed to have a team in america doesn't and argentina with messy just to get them to i mean if he goes out in the in the group stage it's so depressing and he's clearly and such a great player on messy mitch who who do we have in this country who operable too messy oh well i mean it depends on the air that you're talking about for many years it was it might like jim kelly or a will chamberlain i got one plan or in your backyard until they want to nine eight ride a wad was messy but nobody liked a ride that's like me the bills mitch you know what you messy polo messy might be the buffalo bills that's what we might go bills rolled into one but there's always guys who just don't you know don't get there and yet you're pulling for them and their gramley reno never on super bowl i mean but i'm barry sanders guys who dan marino people who who who were mired and just don't want to championship a message of mired like around the world not not just in his you watch i've watched i've watched almost every game and he's clearly playing with the with the washington generals instead of the harlem globetrotters team just doesn't doesn't have a lot of cheese in the same era in the same world in the same universe where the guy who's a better player who's taller and better looking in that's rinaldo well is he the better players each just i game is different game though he's a he's he's the guy who stands down at the end of the court and waits for the long pass and then dunks it well i think he's a rotten mr ryan would you explain to mr album that he rinaldo a bit more than the guy waiting for somebody to throw him the ball you know what i'm saying the rest of the team is setting him up to make the winning goal that's not what message to get a hattrick it's hard to get a hattrick that's true although kane have one yesterday yes i love him too much to penalty kicks involve well it's it's a great event it's only going to get better you're right we're only in the early innings of this and it feels like everything's happened already all right before we move on to other sports today's episode of the sports reporters is brought to.

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