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I see that? Please don't listen. Thank you. Not guilty rosenbaum. The defendable rise is based the jury and hearken to its verdicts. That's the first kind of the information Joseph rules and bomb. Meet the jury find the defendant Kyle, aged red House not guilty. As to the second kind of the information, Richard McGuinness, we the jury by the defendant, Kyle H rittenhouse not guilty. As to the third kind of the information unknown male, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H written house not guilty. As to the fourth count of the inflammation, Anthony Kubernetes, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H rittenhouse not guilty. As to the 5th count of the information gauge growth, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle aid Kyle H rent house not guilty. Members of the jury, these your unanimous verdicts? Is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict says red? Would you wish the tree pulled? You see that? Wow. Did you see that? We started, wow. Three weeks ago. And I told you it could last two weeks in two days. This was two weeks. This was three weeks. You were a wonderful jury to work with. Punctual, you were tattoos. And the forgotten 6 over here who had a very difficult job of keeping from discussing the case during the time that they were sequestered as well. All of you, when you're just, I couldn't have asked for a better jury to work with. And it has truly been my pleasure. I think without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves just in terms of your attentiveness and cooperation that you gave to us. Justifies the confidence. That the founders of our country replaced. So I dismissed time. You're never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case with anyone. You're welcome to do so as little or as much as you want. The media have requested a number of media sources have requested the ability to talk to you and they have been allowed to present presentations to you that you'll get in writing and it's entirely up to you whether you want to count yet contact them, they are not to contact you. If anyone does contact you and just tell them you're not interested in discussing it, if that's the case. And if anyone persists in doing so, report that to us and it will be addressed. I assure you. At the beginning of the trial, there was some concern. About information and your safety. And I assure you that we will take every measure to ensure that that is your concerns are addressed and respected. And I'm going to talk to you for just a minute, not about anything to do with the case. But just about that soul issue and. You, as I say, you're welcome to discuss the case as little or as much as you want. And any questions anybody? Thank you so much. And you're, after four years, you're eligible for service again. It would be my pleasure to work with you. Thank you. Yeah, please. Or in the second library, it's not going to be more than a minute. Or maybe it will be. Yeah, I take them upstairs. That's fine. That's right..

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