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1020kvntcom if you want to join the conversation kohl fine seven five six that's three five seven fifty sixty you know who's a be divorced welcome back to the immune bafia show here on tvnz if you'd like to call in be part of the show the numbers three five seven fifty eight sixty eight we're going to go right to the phones and chris is on the phone hey chris amy will you you know a we could have brokers for a little while you you know would probably be a lot of misinformation information dirt in other words the yogurt new shows are gonna start the misinformation we're going to try to aung san of a book or boat and one local couldn't to look painful but we can go white no quick away on the cockroaches okay you out the iran deal yet boom boom let's say you know when the commercial come all of their turn the feed your money urban now look you did and people like that that will trim its gilgal you know we knew we were yellow you know we can take action on but you know you know wound up the only people in the but can uh people the low their feet i got to tell you i mean there's a big reason i switch from gci to mta is a very big reason i surged you know and i specifically made a point to tell them i didn't like gis politics and how they're trying diner basically rob alaskans wanted to get their pet projects funded no you're absolutely right here's the thing c constituted surely these legislators no they have a cover right they never halfdo nor a ten day unless dinner advisory vote they can't put a direct question regarding a criminal law you know those statues those don't go on the ballot so legislators by the.

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