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Is the California report. I'm penny Nelson. A new report from the American Civil Liberties union alleges horrifying conditions in three Orange County emergency homeless shelters eve with the ACLU spoke with Michelle wildly about what they found during a year long study of these shelters. We found unsanitary conditions and abusive conditions that are just in flagrant disregard. Word of the wellbeing of people who are staying in the shelters we found discrimination against people with disabilities. We found people who are elderly and frail who are staying in the shelters neglected into fair conditions, become medical emergencies. And they're taken by ambulance to the hospital we found rampant sexual harassment and sexual abuse. And we found physical abuse. And verbal abuse of residents by stuff. Moreover, we found that staff retaliated against people who would speak out about the abusive conditions. Steph would evict or threatened to Yvette people living in the shelters without any process any form of due process for people who were staying in the shelters. They would also sometimes disciplined people by withholding things like blankets or food access. S two showers things like that. Where is the oversight who is responsible for making sure that these facilities are up to code? Ultimately shelters are county funded and the county is ultimately responsible for both the conditions in the shelters and oversight of the service providers. I know in the document he said the county by not maintaining these shelters. It has opened itself up to a lot of legal action. Do you have any sense of what might come next? I think that really depends upon the county and how responsive the county is to a set of recommendations that we laid out the misconduct and malfeasance that we uncovered were common to all three of these shelters into other shelters that were not included in this investigation. What is really I think you said what is really necessary is a form of oversight and accountability that would apply to all show. So we feel that if the county is responsive to our recommendations that we would be very happy to work with them on that. But we are the ACLU and legal advocacy is part of our toolkit. So if we felt it was necessary to sue the county in order to protect the rights and the health and safety of people living in these shelters. That is what we would do that was eve Garo with the speaking to Michele Wiley. We'll bring you more on the response to this report later this week moving on Californians from all backgrounds and faiths rallied around California's Muslim community this weekend after devastating attacks in two New Zealand mosques killed at least fifty people and left dozens injured UC Berkley student Khaw said by Pouria attended three separate vigils on Friday in the bay area. She said she was surprised to see such a large and diverse group of attendees. I don't think that those people really even realized how much it means because in the past there has been times where I would hold onto that image of seeing someone that looks nothing like me supporting me for like months, and if I feel uncomfortable if I ever feel scared I try to hold onto those moments, and I would say that tonight was one of those moments at a funeral prayer service in Los Angeles mosque Salaam, I'll Mariotti with the Muslim public Affairs Council reminded attendees that this issue is not just about the attacks in New Zealand is also.

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