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Isn't they say I was GONNA. Turn TV off. So I. Swear I said. Fifty nine I would turn the TV up. Really didn't cave six forty Brian suits. Here's a dark secret place live everywhere on the iheartradio APP and you know I believe I'm on the record I'm a giants Fan Me and Gary Hoffmann giants but I'm also a fan of whatever large professional sports franchise pleases the greatest amount of Kfi's listening audience so. Anyway the doors. Needed three outs and they would have won seven six. Day did not. And I don't even want to describe how they just. Lost this series of errors that just happened on on a single hit that anyway you'll see you'll see it tonight. He'll you'll see tonight on Fox eleven watched at ten. So I'm sorry you're listening to warhawks attend. Anyway he'll your dodger's fan you're watching anyway if you're not, you're listening to some guy in a room. In Burbank on KFI. So that's all talk about. All? Right. So. The UAE signed a deal. With Israel agreeing to. Recognition and you would call it a peace treaty though officially. Sudan and Israel you a an Israel Bahrain and Israel weren't at war. With Israel and so it's not like the. Egypt Israel Camp David Peace Accords following the on Kapoor War of nineteen seventy-three and all that they were actual war serious still is at worth Israel. There are the only hold out but anyway. So. There's been a principal with Israel. We don't have a mutual defense treaty. NATO style with Israel. Generally agreed that the United States guarantees existence of Israel and as we sell advanced arms whether it be the fifteen or sixteen from the seventies and eighties we consult with Israel for for instance, before we sold a fifteen to Saudi Arabia, we said to the Israelis who had a fifteenth of sixteen over the first in combat with both aircraft. we said, would it kip these strategic balance if the kingdom. Of Saudi Arabia, F fifteen's and at that time. So in other words Israel Kinda gets veto but they said, no, it's okay because you control the spare parts for fifteen and all that great. Well, the UAE has been approved to purchase the F thirty five. The Israeli Minister of defence. A BENNIGAN'S Damn. Sorry Danny Gans He. I, make it formal. He didn't approve it. He just confirmed that the U A E is the least of Israel's problems. In fact now, it's not a problem. And it probably was the in. For the the the. Has Been. Extensively, commercially invested in. Israel for longtime Israeli investments all over the the arts and the UAE Saudi Arabia Bahrain Kuwait the all see the the biggest. Burden. The the biggest growing threat. To their prosperity peace and even existence is Iran. It never was Israel they just didn't like Israel. But since the manpower Egypt signed a peace three either really was no realistic chance that you're going to push Israel into the sea.

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