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Know if something is spiritual and if someone cannot walk into a church if they cannot pray if they get sick if they're literally throwing away from a church if every time they pray they you know they were under attack do you know that something is spiritual something is demonic as opposed to then if you know if they're going into church they're receiving they're going reconciliation you know that it is probably much more of us maybe an emotional there might be some spiritual influence around them she prepares deliverance as opposed to praise of ecstasy that's also a confusion that people have what's the difference between deliverance was the difference between extra system my guest father father paul damaris and you can join us here as we talk about the reality of the demonic of course says i'm in the freedom that we have in the church from this our next call comes from john in long island john thank you for joining us good afternoon thanks gerald just georgia quick things one i found your radio station i found rattling about two years ago and because the relevant radio i actually went back to confession after like twenty years and when i walked out of that concessional i can tell you how much great i felt and right now my wife and i are you ristic ministers i taught fifth grade faith point for the last two years but my question is it's the father actually i was still i'm actually i'm a civil war story in and i've been to many civil war battlefield especially out in gettysburg pennsylvania every year and i'm sure you know that it's big with a ghost town and all this stuff now i went with friends and family to ghost towns and all that stuff but the thing is like when i go and buy myself i always say a prayer when i'm on the battlefield especially for like the soldiers the.

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