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Tonight scratches, injuries Vassilev asking Anton man, still injured. Atom Ernie's leader Kuku Denic Martell are the healthy scratches. Tyler Tuesday is serving the first game of a two game suspension. He got it. A scuffle with Matt Calvert while on the Detroit bench, and that's a no, no. And Anthony mantha got into a fight with Patrick Neth in that game against Colorado two nights ago and suffered a hand injury. He's going to be out four to six weeks. Also injured Trevor daily and Darren hell. Eddie pests qualley is first NHL start. But in Syracuse this year's five two and two you're talking about his weekend work for Syracuse. He had to win and an overtime loss. Last year after the trade brought him from the Oilers organization to Syracuse. That's qualley went ten one and two down the stretch with the crunch. Jimmy, Howard's eight one and one in his last eleven games. Played one of those was a no decision overall this year. He's nine six and three a two point six six goals against average any point nine to three save percentage. Referees tonight, Kevin Pollack and Jake brain brink. The linesmen are lining Cameron and Brian block in the first period pass quality and listening to my left and skate left right in their roadway jerseys with blue numbers Jimmy Howard, and the Red Wings will defend the net to our right or by right and move right to left in the first in their home red jerseys with white numbers opening face moments away. Lightning in wings meeting to four in the regular season series and of a three game road trip and lightning coming up next on lightning radio. Aussie.

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