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Taken down. You can't find it online. Then somebody needs to be asking. What role Nancy Pelosi is playing in it? Because I am here to tell you Pelosi puts together this committee to deal with climate change even put Cortes on it. This is simply a committee where she can park a bunch of these young radicals and having to do a bunch of nothing while they think they're doing something. She didn't put Cortez on it. It's how seriously she's taking Cortez and the committee but Pelosi and some of the aging Jurassic Park members of the democrat leadership in the house would full well understand how the green new deal would lead to their landslide defeat, and yet all of these Democrats just signed onto it without even reading it without even thinking about it and four of the democrat presidential contenders signed onto it immediately and then bed to cosponsored the thing. There if we play our cards, right? These people are going to be sitting ducks, and I I actually think and I don't wanna say this too loud. Loudly. But I actually think that starting with the state of the union speech, but even before that, but I think and I really want you to you didn't hear this for me. If you want to tell other people, you know, you you claim ownership, but I really think. We'll never see evidence. This goes the drive bys aren't gonna do I think Donald Trump. In just his existence in the way, he sticks to his agenda, and that speech, I think the democrat party is actually imploding, folks that doesn't mean I'm not taking them seriously the threat, but this is this is insanity. Everything they're promoting talking about its littoral insanity on parade. It's frightening because a whole lot of Democrats around this country that love at Ceylon do it. But it's nowhere near a majority. This is McGovern ISM McGovern. Seventy to look it up. They lost in a landslide to Richard Nixon. And Watergate came they got rid of Nixon but McGovern took this party down to if it hadn't been for Watergate. They may not have yet recovered to this day was how deeply depressed was there defeating seventy two and it was much the same cut. It was the radical miss of that day. Identical to what the radical MS of this day different issues with the same kind of literal insanity. And Trump is driving them insane. Trump is. I think he is showing the Republican party finally how to render these people irrelevant well irrelevant. They have too many judges to be relevant. But. What's great about it? Is it all this while they think they're winning and winning big and are on the verge of getting rid of Trump? There has never been this many people living under such giant delusions as today's democrat party and all of their acolyte brain dead supporters. But. You don't want to say that too loud. Too many people to give up the ghost. Hey, another day down. One day closer to Valentine's Day. What is this? This is the AC six days six days to do what you know, you're going to do you're going to send a bouquet of flowers to somebody. So why not do it right now? Not that it's something you don't want to do and you need to get it done. So you get behind you. It's something you are going to do if you do it. Right. It's something you're gonna love doing. And if you do it, right? It's something that's going to have such great rewards. Flowers. Whatever it is. You're not going to do that. But do this include a gift of Sheri's, berries, strawberries dipped in chocolate covered with confections gigantic strawberries, talking points. They're so big. And they're so unique and each one of them is a work of art. They look like they're hand painted. They're actually hand dipped in various kinds of chocolate. White dark milk chocolate, and they are delicious. They're so big some people need a knife and fork Sheri's berries delivered overnight as you tell them when you want them delivered. That means they are fresh. It's guaranteed. They're beautiful to look at. They are delicious to eat.

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