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It's wednesday august fourth. Here's today's news. There's no evidence that the deaths of a woman in her dog at piedmont park were committed by a serial killer or were hate crimes. That's what atlanta mayor kisha lance bottom said yesterday but she added. The case isn't a typical worn for investigators and more help is needed in solving the case. Bottom said at a news conference yesterday that the majority of homicide cases in the city have involved gunfire and victims often know their killers but forty year old catherine janice and her dog bowie appear to have been randomly targeted in other news. Georgia election officials released a new absentee ballot request form. Yesterday that requires voters to submit a driver's license. Number or other id a change mandated by the states voting law. The updated absentee application created by republican secretary of state brad rapids burgers office also adds a warning that voters face imprisonment or fines. Up to one hundred thousand dollars if they provide false information before georgia's new. Id requirements absentee voters. Identities were verified based on their registration information and by comparing their signatures next atlanta mayor key. Showman's bottoms held a press conference yesterday to explain her decision last week to sign an executive order requiring that people wear masks and all indoor public spaces including inside private businesses bottom said the city has returned to face three of its corona virus reopening plan which in addition to mandating masks also encourages businesses to operate with limited occupancy to maintain social distancing atlanta is operating within a five phase cova nineteen response plan with phase. One being total stay at home order bottom said that the city is not planning to impose a lockdown at this time and widespread spirit airlines flight cancellations. This week are disrupting passengers travels in atlanta and around the country the ultra low cost carrier cancelled more than three hundred seventy of its flights yesterday amounting to about half of its flight schedule. According to flight aware dot com that made it the airline with the most cancellations in the country despite its relatively small size at hartsfield-jackson international airport flight aware data shows that spirit canceled more than thirty flights yesterday. A spirit spokesman said the disruptions were caused by overlapping operational challenges including weather system outages and staffing shortages in.

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