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On. Your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the Omega Particle. Streaming to the Alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The Anchorman of the Federation. The doctor of lifting this is Jonathan begins. told. Air. Conditioner thing I know tot. Anyway we are back welcome to the Omega. Particle sorry about that I was talking to my assistant Luna, and she's been just complaining. Complaining about the heat, it is a scorcher here on the east coast of the United States in our star Trek. Bunker welcome to the Omega Particle I am your gracious host Jonathan Weaken, and again I'm glad to be back behind the microphone as your. Anchorman of the Federation of Guiding Light In these troubled troubled times. Welcome to the show today. We're GONNA. Do a relax episode. Just catch up on some news. I'm trying to get work back into the rhythm of being a father, and also producing podcasts at his a juggling act, plus some it's all been the era now, so thank you for your patience and your understanding. I know this month. We've usually produce maybe five or six episodes a month, and now we're down to so don't worry July putting some great measures. So that doesn't happen. Again will be more on a back to our old routine. And again the patients thank you for continuing listening, so we have a lot of new listeners out there, so thank you and welcome to the show, but man. There have been a Lotta Star. Trek News this past couple of days. overall I mean in I mentioned this before we covered the card and due to cove it. There's GonNa be a big gap in between. Star Trek show so I mean we may not get one until like next spring mix summer hopefully next with discovery season three, but you never know so anyway. Let's get into this relaxed. And you may be asking if your first timer. What? What's a real expert? Episode Jonathan while I'm GonNa. Tell you what a relaxed episode it's..

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