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On April Fifth Nineteen. Ninety eight. Glenis soon was arrested for the murder of Brenda Way. He was put directly in jail and stayed there until his trial was finished. then. After his conviction, he was sent to Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick. Appealed for a new trial with the help of lawyer Jerome Kennedy. But the appeal was denied on April. Twentieth, two thousand and six. Prison is terrible for everyone. But for those who maintain their innocence and refused to show remorse. It can be even worse. Now I knew I was innocent I knew someday. I'm GonNa, prove my innocence. One time. In Georgia. I needed a a mattress I got shipped to a new Selwyn Day. Different Cell Different area in prison. And the mattress was it was all. Full of feces in everything and and full of blood and stuff, so I drive it over to sis. Supply and services to get a new mattress and it would give me one. I said a look at this asleep sleep on. I can't sleep on that. Well. What we're not give you a new mattress. You'll have a new mattress. Not that long ago. I said you have went to different cell and I didn't take it with me, and I can't get it now. Anyway Long Story Short. I I went and seen the. Minister the chaplain deceive, he could call the warden. Like just was getting late on a Friday afternoon. and. He, you couldn't get a hold of award in his office anyway and. So I, said okay. I'm going to get hold of the war none. So I I call him the Bell Tower and I should meet up the Bell Tower I was kicking a bell, ringing the Bell, and it actually closed the prison down. Warden showed up then and a whole bunch of other officials and high-end guards and stuff like that never telling me to come down I, said I want to things I, said I want a new mattress and won a new trial. I'm not coming down, do I get got get them? Kind of weakened owed a bit truth. Is Up there. Probably close to a half hour. They said well if you come down. Guarantee of what will get you a new mattress. and. What a new trial is it well? We can't do nothing about that, but you if you you come down. No jump. They thought it was going to jump. I I, was professor, my innocence of on the BELLTOWER. And I said I'm an innocent man. I want a new trial. Would you come down? We'll have a talk. So after a while I did come down because I couldn't hold on anymore because there wasn't much up there to hold onto. And fell I I would have got severely hurt because it's a long drop down. When Glenn finally comes down from the Bell Tower, he does get a new mattress in the whole. They put them directly into segregation. What is commonly called solitary confinement? After that. They move on to a psychiatric ward inside the prison. where he stays for the next three years. I'm Tim Busse Gay and this is uncovered. Dead Wrong. Episode Five. The cold walls of prison..

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