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And he and I did all of the pre Jeff workouts? And we had great of guys that year. They had let me think about this. It was lamarcus Aldridge Brandon. Roy Sheldon Williams JJ Riddick. Jordan farm are Joel Freeland. I mean, we had I think we have like five six seven, you know, first round pick. And so it was just Dave. And I doing the workouts every day, and then I also was doing some office. And I was I was pretty green at that point never really had a had fulltime job in. So doing office stuff was a little different. And even then I think about being an agent I wanted to be a coach and from there. I I took an assistant coaching position with. Team called beer twos. Below an Italy. And a different agent helped me get that job. Oh, Sam Goldfetter of acceler sports management Puzo Jeff Schwartz partner. I wanted that. And I don't know. I was the young guy just really trying to figure out my place in the world. I knew it was going to be in basketball. But I was still trying to trying to find my way like most most kids, and I just I don't know. I was a little homesick. You know, they had a that a weird deal where they wanted me to stay. But the assign a two year contract and get a coaching license. And it was just it was a little bit of a bigger commitment that I wanted to make at the time and. Long story short. I ended up going to job with with Jeff and Sam and move them back to LA, and then you know, from there the rest was history bounced around a little bit and ultimate in a as an agent on my own having my own company, but it wasn't it wasn't really planned to just kind of happened. And you know, as as we talked about the last time, I was a guest on your show. I over time. I just I wanted to get back closer my roots. And you know, so I just decided last was it last summer summers ago. I gonna make drastic move get out of the agency business. And so that's what I did. And now, I'm doing this about gossip stuff. Yeah. I mean, I think great you guys produce a ton of great content. I enjoy the podcast the articles you have a full draft coverage team. So basically, you guys are covering the NBA draft is like at NBA organization would it's been really cool to see Babcock kinda grow. And it's become really quick..

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