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It's a risk at created words of civility and owning and i think that's the kind of 'em civic emara imagination we need serving the work of peace corps we were able often to say that you imagine your anyway today what is it about your imagination thin that you can find in yourself you can find in your co religions of your co voters whenever try it is that you belong to find a way with him which people can begin to deconstruct the kind of belonging that they considered to be important and the kind of aggressive identity work did you choice of people to make it seem like they're anti your belong hour that it's mostly to restore tells the story of this story of those just story about the first time that you met somebody from this to define ways to take these concrete experiences undefined we imagine them into the price of the future older of my interest in of analysis this hoarding gas yourself or your family or someone that's why the hell to gas here between what you can against over to the other amsoil example i read by recently was a family as song was murdered the finally were distraught over in the world bring people murder their songs justice on one of their friends said sedan listen you know your song was on the angel he was actually part of the guy a criminal guy on this drug is she part of the reason why he was killed.

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