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Now having to compete against them? Like, oh my God, what was this girl? I don't know. I hope I had some impact, but I also had it. You know, when I started in the tour, and I was playing against Venus and Serena and Maria and all of these players that I've watched when I was a junior player and I also felt like that. And they also had an impact in me so it would be amazing that for the next generation, they can look up to me or learn from what I did good, what I did. But whatever. But yeah, it's great. I think it's a change of generation. Now I'm seeing the U.S. open final this young girls fresh and fearless and you can start seeing that, okay, I'm not the young one anymore. I'm like, okay. There's younger now. So as a coach, I find it hard when the new generation comes. And then fresh out of their juniors and they've never played on hawkeye courts. It's harder to scout. You don't have the you like try to find old clips on YouTube. How do you feel now with the young generation? Because I feel like a learning process. You know, you've got to see how they play, you get to know how they handle the pressure. Do you feel a little more pressure on playing a young players? Because, you know, like I always see people playing Coke cars, like nobody wants to lose to the young player. Right to the baby. You know, there is a certain advantage and but it's hard because, you know, sometimes everybody says the experience is very important. And it is. But the more experience you have, the more you know. And the more you know them where you think, right? So I feel like it's great to have the experience because you know how to handle things and more mature. But at the same time, I'm like, sometimes I wish I was like younger and more unconscious of everything. You know, you think less, you just go out there and play and give it all, and that's it. But yeah, you definitely never want to lose to a younger player, but this is tennis. So if they have a good day at today's level, you're home. You go out. Go to the next tournament. Totally. Yeah. So you're one of the people who have been able to win a slam. And then one another's land. And, you know, when I look at the new generation of Grand Slam champions, having seen what happens afterwards, I worry for them, right? And I'm like, oof. Here's what's going to happen, how they gonna handle it. What advice having successfully done to a final, want to slam, then one woman after that, what advice would you give to a first time Grand Slam champion? Well, I think you're so right that, you know, it can be the beginning of everything or the end. Because it can be so affected by the success. And there is nothing harder than to manage success, but also not success. You know, they're both are so difficult and fragile to just to deal with I felt I can only speak about myself, no, but I mean, it was a process I have to say, I went through ups and downs. Also, I believe that if I could do it once, I could do it again. So I was super sure that I can do it, you know, if I want a major, I can win two, and I can win three is just putting the puzzle together and working hard and it will come. But yeah, I wasn't 18 when I won my first Grand Slam. I think that helps. But yeah, definitely, it's very important to have a good team around you, team that keeps you where you have to be. So you now have the recipe on how to set yourself up for the weeks. In order to be successful, I need this, this and this. What are those things? And it's obviously the team's job to set it all up. It's the coach's job to find the perfect practice. We don't want to practice that person. She's not going to like that kind of ball, right? What are sort of your cues to setting yourself up to have a successful sort of tournament? Well, the recipe I wish I had perfectly, but I think you gotta do your homework. You get to prepare well. That's for sure, no matter what you're doing, that gives you that confidence of having done your job, or at least what you can control. I feel like you've got to work also on your mental side. You know, you've got to go through all of those days that you don't feel to train and all of those moments where you're like, oh, I wish I want to go to the mall or whatever. So you have to you have to feel like you have done your part. Once you go to the tournament, because once you're there, it's just about handling the nerves and handling your energy. You've got to be fresh for when the match starts and not empty already. But yeah, I don't feel I have the recipe because then you have to execute that. One thing is to get ready, but then the other part is to go out there and execute everything you've been working. So that's the hard part. Sometimes you have to find ways and sometimes you don't find them and you get, you know, you know how it is. It's hard. Yes. So talking about the recipe, I'm actually just some questions because the fans want to get to know you. So hotel or air-b-n-b. Well, really depends, but I would say I would say hotel. Roof open or closed. Open. Wimbledon, court 18 or court three. Chord three. I'm just gonna say neither stadium. Choose between these two. Bananas are bars. Bananas. Here's the one. Breakfast at Wimbledon or breakfast in Asia. Breakfast. In Wimbledon or in Asia, I actually love Asian food. But because it's so special in Wimbledon, I go for women. It's like an experience. Okay, team dinner or eat solo. Team dinner. On the airplane, sit together or separate. Separate. Yes. You don't have to answer this, but you could say another drink. Gatorade powerade. Oh. Skater it? I have a choice. People people are like, yeah, either one. Hawkeye or real bounce. I think hawkeye, that's technology. Come on, let's support technology. Yeah. Favorite tournament that's not a Grand Slam. Favorite tournament. That's hard. There was many nice Romans. I'm thinking, favorite tournament. Let's say the canyon wells. Come on. That's a beautiful tournament in the wells. All right, and my last one is, the one player when the draw is being made, you're like, please let me play this girl. Who's the one player? Oh, I can't say that. I can't say that. Not even my coach, I think knows that. I keep it for me. I'm sorry. I respect that. You don't want to give them an ad. They're like, ah, she doesn't like playing me. So thank you for joining the show. It's been fun having you. This is like one of the few times we've had like.

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