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And I rolled all the wind is down. And I don't know why. I guess I thought I wanted everybody on the street to I don't know. I mean, it was like this. You know, just this whole your whole body lights up, you know. And it was the most exciting thing in the world because I had literally wanted to be a singer since I was five years old. And I remember listening to the radio on my moms and dads kitchen in our house thinking, I was naive enough to think well, they're on the radio. Why can't I be? And I think that's part of the reason that I became one of those one percent because I didn't know the odds. I don't know what the odds were. And I really just believable if they can do it. Why cannot do it? Did you feel when you were working at the front desk, and people would come in to work in a profession that you wanted to do that? You're as good as they were already because I know it's frustrating when people are doing what you wanna do. But did you feel like, oh, I'm their talent wise. It's just got to put on my time. My thing was I believed in my voice. I believed that I had a voice in that. I could sing. But I'm I'm basically an introvert. I mean, I'm not like I grew up watching Barbara Mandrell on television, and she played every instrument and she danced, and she did all this stuff. And I was not I'm not that kind of entertainer. And so I really thought, you know, I'm I can sing I'm a little bit overweight. I don't play an instrument really I can play a little bit Petar. But I don't. So I didn't think I had enough. I thought I've got this one skill that I believe in. But I don't have all these other ones. So I think for me it was that did have a strong belief in myself. And I don't I think if I didn't I wouldn't be sitting here, but at the same. Time. I I had all these doubts about the things that I thought I needed to be able to do the before I could be at be successful at it. So you felt you had to develop you, even then you felt like you need to develop a bit more. Yeah. Do you want so strong? No, no. I mean, and I went to Belmont aware. There were so many music majors. And you couldn't you throw a stick. Without somebody telling you what a great singer. They were you know, and I was not that girl and even actually at at mtm records after I got my record deal. There were people at that building. Who said we didn't even know we didn't know you say, really? Yeah. So if you weren't you weren't one of the ones that were like, hey, I sing I think I was not I was not now how did you change that? Then how did you start telling people? I sing I sing. I think it was because I I was shy. And I wasn't bold about telling people, I was a singer. But after working at that label for about six months and answering the phones and ordering liquid paper and not and watching people do it. I wanted to do I realized if I don't tell somebody this is what I do. If I don't really get off my butt and try to make this happen. Then I'm going to get to do this for the rest of my life and I- reconnected. I had I had a couple of songs. One was kept lazy that I had done demos for. And I I just found those guys again said, hey, I'm trying to I'm trying to get some demo work and demo work was my way out once I started to get enough work that I could actually quit my job who was of for you the took the big shot. Like, you we went. Wow, this person really like put it out there for me to like believed in me when maybe they didn't have to. I mean, there was there were several there were a lot of people the chain of events were the two garth's, honestly..

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