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All of Moore's case fabulous selection on display at more skate first dot com it is nine thirty eight at K. R. LD and coming up that python in the box that had to be an accident right in my backyard I think you're taking your with your head that's coming up on the other side of the news right now traffic and weather together on the aids here's joys Nielsen and the problems continue in the downtown Dallas into the ramp from westbound would all Rogers to northbound thirty five you we still have an accident in the final clearing stages it looks like but again the end of the ramp is still block to get about the left shoulder that continues to affect traffic with the two right lanes of northbound thirty five he blocked as well overall northbound thirty five the north down forty five westbound thirty and southbound seventy five all very heavy trying to get into the downtown Dallas area all taking about twenty twenty five minutes at least to get into the downtown area of grapevine northbound one twenty one just bass bass pro three right like you're still affected by an accident that could have you back on the one fourteen for right on main street with an update on earlier problem in Hurst we've got John wolf yes they clear the problem north bound east with a twenty past pipeline and crowds pretty much on well did you come up from one twenty one and Haley either bills falls Randall bill southeast forward though not such good news north bound east loop we've got rid before sun valley we've got rolling road working at three right late it's got a westbound traffic and being from two eighty seven south Saudis to but a twenty road work is in the left lane near Sun Valley and grand prairie northbound three sixty the left lanes blocked over the road work before kings would better traffic flow from camp wisdom taking a look at the Dallas north tollway overall in pretty good shape we are still a little pocket a slow traffic as you make your way into north Dallas from a six thirty five heading down towards walnut hill beyond that looks good until you get the thirty five people went from thirty five you watch for some slowing heading into downtown course the acts that we have right there on the wood all Rogers rap to the track a lot of attention there I'm choice we'll see you next to port at nine forty eight of breaking traffic alerts when they happen let's get a check of your forecast with Carol the chief meteorologist Dan burn off sixty our average high forty our average low now yesterday we were below normal at fifty seven today above normal sixty seven nice day today with a light south winds overnight lows tonight back in the mid to upper thirties tomorrow a little bit cooler week when Schiff coming very late this evening will drop taps into the low sixties for highs right around normal and then more be.

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