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Are let's get right to the weather now it could be weeks before all the storm damages repaired thousands of people are still without power we'll have that update in a moment but this is what makes this forecast particularly troublesome we have another storm brewing for this wednesday the question is how hard and where but this looks like a snow event may be a rain mix on the cape ann islands perhaps even afoot of snow in central massachusetts dave bowers is going to be joining us any moment now with that updated forecast so keep it right here now let's get back to the recovery efforts this monday hampered in quite a few spots by lack of electricity places like the cape in south shore really hard hit more short two here's what we can tell you from meema nearly seventy percent of pembroke is still without power this hour sixty percent of nor well is still off line on the northshore it looks like five to ten percent predominantly just scattered outages overall that's the situation there so they're getting a better handle on things stay state why were looking at fifty seven thousand customers without electricity back to haul homes that got heavy flouting flooding are still without power the dc is down at the seawall this hour the using those big front end loaders to try to scoop up the rocks and debris scattered across nan task it avenue and all of the see wells a took a battering in the storm in situ at the beaches strewn with blownoff decks there the ducks free wall just says saw some video coming from ducts free beach a few moments ago that's taking a beating right now waves are going well beyond that seawall again so they are still having a little bit of a storm surge that was expected not like we saw this weekend that was exhausting and now of course the massive an exhausting process of finally insurance claims begins with homeowners hoping they will get reimbursed wbz's ben parker is in situa talking to residents there flooded out his the winds were hollinger homologue section of scituate jerian her husband heard a loud noise it was terrible the loudest sound that.

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