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The run we know that they can create pass rushing or a great challenge. They're going to have next week down in Mexico City against the chiefs. Or we look forward to that one game tonight though that you'll be calling. We're going to get to in a second the giants against the San Francisco forty Niners. But the patriots lose our third game. All three losses on the road. All three losses by double digits at some point. Jason the New England Patriots aren't going to be the New England Patriots. We've known for the last decade and a half. Are we starting to see signs of that? Or are you still not ready to go there? I don't think I can go there yet. I mean, look, I think they're not as good a football team is they've been in the past with their roster in which you see out there. I mean when adamant and gronkowski go down. It's really hard for them to do. They want to run the football and they're good. They're good at running the football. I don't think that they're great at doing that. And then defensively as great as Bill Belichick is scheming up and plays at some point those guys have to make plays. They don't rush the passer. Great. I know they do it by committee and they understand pocket Russia's but. You're seeing a few wrinkles to the pats and they have to play to that formula two with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady at plants such at a high clip and scheming up people. And so I think what you're seeing that people that have been inside that organization the rebels Patricia they kind of understand like, okay? Here's the guy you have to attack because they don't have that skill set like the patriots have had in the past. And so, but I don't think you can ever count them out because Tom Brady is on the field and Bill bell checks breathing. He's always going to have an advantage because the guys just on another level with his ex knows how he schemes it up. Yeah. Listen, we learned long ago never count them out until they're officially out. So we won't do that. And look while we're all in the high trainer ready Jason for next week's Monday night game between the Rams and the chiefs in Mexico City. There is a game tonight at Santa Clara, basically Eli manning against Nick Mullins. I don't think we ever thought that would be the sentence yet here we are. Yeah. I don't think any of us thought it would be here in, you know, it's funny because ever thought that maybe Nick Molins has more jobs occur security than ally. Manning has gone into this game tonight. I know I didn't think that the two time SuperBowl winning champions L. Look two teams that are want to repeal, but they've gone about it completely different ways. You know, we see what New York's doing with trading away, not going with the youth and a lot of different positions and trade me LA apple and snacks Harrison up front, and then San Francisco giving the young guys in there to play trying to find out. Hey, who's going to be on this team? That's going to help us come back when we get healthy and we start year three. So. I don't think these two teams are bad as the record says they are when you look at it. I mean, obviously Nick Mullins played well against Oakland Raiders. I'm anxious to see who he is tonight. But I'm also anxious to see how this giants team respond after the bye, they did not think they would be one in seven after eight weeks ally. Manning did not think that hey, I'll be week-to-week with my starting career going into this season. So I'm excited to see how the giants respond obviously their skill set on the outside with Odell and Ingram and shepherd. See if those guys can get going, and you know, my opinion allies got game by game to prove himself not only for this year. But for the future, we'll see what happens tonight going forward. Monday night. Football giants in San Francisco. Thanks jason. We'll talk to you next week. Thanks. All right, guys. Have a great week. Listen to teams going in different directions at giants going to have to go to a new quarterback at some point still building. Where the San Francisco even though they're two and seven they know their quarterback of the future got hurt and he'll be back again next year, and they're still building for the future. So hell of a lot more going on with the giants right now what the plan was going into the season and how that has failed. And we'll see how quickly it continues to unravel order. They get it going tonight in Santa Clara coming up. We have hold on. We got this breaking news Bengals defensive coordinator. Darrell Austin has been relieved of his duties the source tells ESPN's Josina Anderson that of course, after the fifty one points that the saints put on them so terrible Austin is out of a job. So we know this much Lawson did not win the weekend. 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