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Don't have to right. Click you don't have to go to the finder menu in the menu bar. Just shows up right there really making it a really visible to the user and i just. I found that so interesting that it was like on. I think it was even stage but a big feature to automate into services making it more accessible than ever. And i kind of wonder like what's apple getting it quick actions. We haven't seen much passerby. You mentioned the touch bar like what our thoughts on that. Well first of all some. I have a lot of this documented. So that you can are if you're home. And you wanna see the details about what he just described at the mac. Os ten automation website. Which is mac os x. Automation dot com slash automated her and then slash services All the ways that The service the new Quick actions are expressed through the finder. various contextual points that he just described her therefore year and they're numbered and you can see all the details that will give you and you can look at that now. I thought it was brilliant that they exposed to the way that they did and that they also added it to the system preferences at in through the extensions preference pane and that then you could see okay now. I have this quick action that can be part of the finder collection or touch bar. Oh okay i can have them available there too as well and i was really excited that they opened that up and i was hoping that You know they would provide like dozens and dozens of examples that people could download or at least provide a a way that people can get to those but they didn't follow through on that i think a little little shortsighted on the marketing side but the architectures air which is great and the services were talking about earlier can be placed in quick actions just as easily as they can be in the services menu and frankly were automated pushes you now when you open it up and you go to create a new one. It prompts you to create a quick action. Yeah and i have a whole set of things a exist on my touch. Far for actions I even some for doing Switching between politicians because I do a lot of testing. And i'm working on different operating systems at the same time and i got tired of going through the multiple step process of opening up the system preference going to the startup disk clicking this logging and doing that and i i wrote a you know basically like an apple script service and i added it to my Touch so i could just tap at and then it would do five steps remain. I enter my password. Then it would be booted into the next operating system. There's a lot of different things that you can do a multiple levels like even the sort one that we just created you can have. That appears touch control as well and then within applications you'll get to touch farther via sort and button. He could just tap with your finger south for folks at home. Tell them how do you put it. If you have a touch are enabled macbook. Put the quick actions on your touch bar okay. Those are through the extensions system preference pane. There's a category on the left. Hand side called touch bar quick actions. And when you click on that you'll get all the different Available ones that you can use would.

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