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Stations. They've also doubled. Outdoor seating space face coverings to will be required. While there's no word yet on when the Carolina Hurricanes and the NHL will return to the ice for the 2020 21 season, the cage do have a new home of sorts. After years of using the antiquated Rollie Ice Center as its practice facility, the Hurricanes now called the state of the Art Wait. Competition Center. It's new workout skating spot. We practice it. A lot of teams practice Illit ease for the last few years, and this absolutely condo's shot for shot with any other team facility. This is world class that was Hurricane spokesperson paid SAG Astrea, courtesy of ABC 11. While the Kanes have company and using the facility, local builder Jeff Damage knew they'd be an essential tenant. I think there is excited to be here is we are to have them and that does it For now. I'm Mitch Evans from Triangle collision where it's your decision. Traffic center Westbound I 40 is stopping. Go after Gorman Street and Highway one and look out for have delays North bound on Highway one between 10 10 Road. And Terry Parkway. I'm Jack Wiley. I'm one of 61 FM talk. We'll see you generally clear Sky Tonight It's gonna be Christmas cool across the region lows, dropping down into the low forties sunshine, but a few afternoon clouds ahead for Saturday Beautiful day coming up pies in the low seventy's upper sixties. A few more clouds Sunday I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel on 1061 of him talk He's not known for this'll weekend at Cole's stable on holiday gifts for everyone on your list, Plus taken extra 15% off, cozy must haves for the family are now.

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