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New Jersey, Terry County, Dallas County discussed on KRLD News, Weather and Traffic


To corona virus marketwatch reports gamblers are finding places to rest their money since they can't bet on traditional sports they're playing more online poker and casino games in New Jersey the games have brought up to eighty million dollars in one month in April compared to fifty two male in Feb worry Pennsylvania gaming control board says the state doubled its take from online games in the last two months for those that do want to bet on sports they're able to find action in Korean baseball and E. sports games like league of legends we have problems from road work in Terry county all the way to racks in Dallas County we check traffic and weather together on the eights up next Hey DD perks members in Washington DC now that we're slowly getting back to running make the most of your day with large hot coffee from Dunkin for a dollar forty nine not a DD perks members joined on the Dunkin app today for easy contactless weight order pay pick up in store or the drive through America runs.

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