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His bill but this morning. Cnbc cnbc's rick santelli and guest andrew. Ross sorkin sorkin engaged in a little discussion over some of the restrictions placed on restaurants in the private sector. During all of this. it is santelli. Who says you can't tell me that we need to keep closing everything down and cnbc's andrew ross sorkin is Adding onto that just highlight something. The the background of this whole discussion comes with what we're seeing in terms of covid cases and we're seeing maybe stimulus but we're seeing calls for for not necessarily closing things down but certainly there are some calls to closing except for the politicians themselves but for their constituents. They're talking about you. Know they need to be much more. Careful we're hearing right. Yes no believe me. I believe in careful. When i point out governors cheating it's not for the apocrypha which exists. It's the fact that i think. Many of these governors are intelligent people and they love their families which they've taken out into restaurants therefore there is actually in should be an ongoing debate as to why a parking lot for a big box store like by. My house is jammed. Pack now one parking spot open. Why are those people any safer than a restaurant with plexiglass. I just don't get it. And i think there's a million of these questions that could be asked and i think it's really sad that when we look at the service sector and all the discussions we've had about job losses that particular dynamic isn't studied more isn't worked more. I don't think people realize how much we have destroyed individuals and their livelihood. And this this you don't turn this back on easily. People have lost their savings. How can you tell how can it be that. On saturday and sunday grown men can all touch the same football back and forth lay on top of each other sweat on each other breathe on each other. And that's okay see. I don't want to shutdown football. I don't want to shut shutdown anybody. My problem with the hypocrisy of the democrat mayors and governors isn't that i demand that they be stuck at home as well because of their orders. It's just the opposite. Let people make decisions. Smoking causes lung cancer. We know that we don't make it illegal. Car wrecks can kill you. We let you make that decision for yourself. Now go support small business. You don't need anything by a gift car..

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