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What's up guys and welcome to Vassar happy hour. I'm Rachel AALIYAH's off today but we had the opportunity to do an extra podcast for you guys and we didn't want to wait. Well truth is. I don't want to wait because you guys if you follow me. If you listen to me if you dare to do that you know I know that I have a favorite a clear favourite from Hannity season and I'm not shy about it. It is none other than Mike Johnson and I've been waiting waiting for this day to have my Johnson on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and I am so excited that he's here. y'All know I've been pushing hard for him to be the bachelor and while fortunately that's not going to happen. He's still my bachelor and I'm GonNa talk to him about that and so much more today Mike Welcome to the podcast bradberry battery. Are you ready. Let's go the whole season to talk to you might so I guess I just WanNa start from the beginning. Because has I feel like when I watched Hanna season. We didn't get to really know you didn't get in depth. You know we saw you. There was a lot of drama that was involved with your season Senate. I don't even WanNa talk about that. 'cause we saw that enough but I feel like that's when we saw you most even on your one on one. We didn't get to know Mike but you are fan favorite favorite. The audience knew that there was something there were even a fan favorite of of Hannah. I've heard Hannah talk very positively about you since the show's been over so let's just beginning who is Mike Johnson. If you describe yourself in three words what would you say my friends will call me since they bushy brow- because I have to brows thick eyebrows do you do you tame your eyebrows are they natural now lately just natural just blessed rocket uh-huh me. I'm blessed to be here with you and I'm blessed to have you on the show. Okay three words and I know you already talked to me about one three words. If you had to describe yourself chromosome goofy goofy ambitious leader goofy ambitious leader like that you sound like a good time I'm a great sandwich and then at the same time that somebody could learn something from you all right so let's dive into it a bit. How do you feel like your life has changed since this whole bachelor experience not crazy thing is like when I'm in the airport in and brush my hair and someone's like a pitcher or something that's crazy because I I want to? I'm of gray forced to take a picture with you within bro Like my breasts thing. My hair is not. Did you know those are. That's the weird part. That's the way apartment there. These are things you have to learn. I had to start getting eyelash extensions because too many times people ask for a picture and I was bald headed ball died. I never I heard on the spot series. It's just crazy like I'm not looking my best and people want pitcher. That's one is crazy. Do you feel like you've you've been able to go back to your normal life since this whole experience one hundred percent. I'm I'm back home in Texas on my closest home. Eason cousins treat amy like regular and if not already even more on top of me now and I respect and I love him I needed. That's kept you grounded through this whole experience because I see the people get caught up. You don't seem to be that person. I don't think I'm caught. It was around thing I ever get caught. Oh but I mean I was just taking a little system on my best homeys a minute ago before being here and they just yeah they do help me. They say they keep me grounded. I think that's key. I wish more people did that. You see this world change. A lot of people and I don't feel like that's happened to you yeah see. I don't think it will either okay so I wanNA know. I don't know I'm sure the viewers are the listeners WanNa know this as well but I wanNA know how well. How did you get on the show so that's a really good question my homeboy I was working as a financial adviser and we want to stay it? Mike the safe place. No I'll tell you already I was at work in my office in through phone across the across the room and my home coworker was like what's wrong with you and I said man all these girls just WanNa have sexual relations and I really WanNa be in a relationship and he bust out laughing for like twenty Eamon see what guy says that and bro Serious in after forever him laughing at me he knew I was extremely serious and I wanted to be a relationship my last last relationship party going on the show two thousand fifteen and craziness got. My heart broke all that stuff so I really wanted to be in a relationship beginning you know get married. I'M GONNA BE Thirty thirty two. I got like little gray. Here's my beer now rocket. you know I'm trying to have kids one day. You know my ultimate goal in life is a tree house for my kids and so high school are you. Unicorn Horn just popped up on your head and so like six months after I had like a a bitch food I guess you would say because I wanna be in a relationship and I am picky. my homeboy Siemian facebook live as you try for this and I was off work that day so I drove in Houston and went to the aquarium where they had auditions and the crazy thing is they thought it was like nine ladies everyone guy it might it might have been forty nine. One guy was crazy right and then I think I was only black guy there for good out. I sit out. There sounds like the best four four suit. I actually got on the Houston News at night because they thought I was a batch which is crazy. That's like legit girl girls also in their mom and dad's we're coming up to me like introducing their daughters to me. While I was auditioning for the show. You didn't even need not like that at all but but it was just a really crazy experience I mean I have my book with me until the story. It was gonna be a great day that day right so you can't tell the story yeah so I have. I think I told you guys has a have a disabled veteran license plates right so I can parking spots and I partnered won. The Aquarium was quite busy and Park Park there. I'm there pretty early and I guy drive by an event. He's like hey is someone like sitting there. I might have so I move out of this spot so the other guy can get parking spot right good. Karma people have good Karma and so we're doing that or whatever I go upstairs and doing the wheelchair. He's trying out for the show as well. It was the second time trying out some really cool buying together. We stayed there the whole time just talking crap about the girls and the guys they're just doing what people do and and he became my best friend so shout you broke you hear this. I completely forgot your name. I love you to Homie Long Story Short I got mad because I wanted to relationship in my home way. Six months later told me apply for this show. Oh guys see this. I used to live downtown in San Antonio and I worked my butt off as a financial adviser. I was rookie of the year crazy hard. I'm super ambitious and his grow a mode apartment complex used to have huntings Ashley. She's to have like Bachelor parties every Monday and I had never watched the show prior to that may to be on his end so she like made me go watch Swayne. She said I was going to be to be on the show she was the bachelor was so crazy to you. Shut up to Ashley what we we we see. Now we see now instill Z. Instill a rooting for I think it's a cool story. I love hearing how people got to the show you know. Some people submitted a video. Some people tried out four or five times. I remember my experience. When I went actually went to an audition to my co worker sign me up? There were people who had been there five six times. It's like American idol had traveled to different cities. It's like you know with athletes when hang up the cleats. It's almost like current like let the application go. You know it's it's a good thing you you went through the Houston auditions. They liked you. They sent you on through you went to Hollywood then you came on our TV screens. did you have any you didn't watch the show and I didn't either and I love talking to people who didn't watch the show because I feel like your expectations are different than the Superfan who comes on the show and there are a lot of them over your expect Kim debt was cam isn't camp from Austin Austin. Was your audition no you wasn't I mean I'm sure you would have seen him. He was probably standing up on a pledge wrapping talking to everybody he would've known everyone bio their social even on everything poor cam just to digress a bit the way that that called out Cam at the finale. I feel sorry for him. I thought Jeez like this guy can't win man okay so what were your expectations. When you came on to the show because you can watch it before so only you were my wife who I remember stepping out of the Limo and I saw Hannah out you really cute and so that was like a plus right to me? I didn't and watch golden season so I wasn't I was unsure who would be the Bachelorette. watch Colton season because I watch my expectations were just honestly to be myself. How a good time and if I find love found love okay so you did you know Hannah was going to be the bachelorette threat idea the night before because that was when she got the five guys come out on sage were Chris Chris Harrison and that's when candidate has a little rap thing got the Rose Anouar literally twenty hours prior That's I see I'm shocked that you knew her are you didn't know her until right before that's interesting. Thanks so you really were open and just ready one hundred meet someone which is refreshing you were. I guess I have to say a bachelor term here. You were there for the right reasons. You're and I think the INSTAGRAM when you're there for the right reasons things happen differently oh. I don't know if that's a good thing okay okay. I can take two different ways okay moving on. What was your experience like on the show away from Luke because we saw that we saw that play we all on the camera so say I want to know what the other side was like for you? I want to speak on that but one show to Luke love. You hope you get better but things outside of Luke honestly we're a great..

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