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The future twenty to thirty years in the future fort pierre mayor gloria hansen says the forward ford pierre initiative is slowly on its way to reality we've had two meetings and we invited a number of entities in that from the community of fort pierre development fort pierre tourism in promotion that city council county commission and and other entities like the verrender i board and down the fire department the sheriff's department at the school call and out because this this needs to be a community effort chris maxwell is facilitating the initiative he says the groundwork has been laid for the programme years ago the efforts in and what's going on had been going on for the last ten fifteen twenty thirty years people have been working on what the future looks like and has been a lot of really positive wonderful momentum going on in the community so that train is already been had already been moving as a four pure tourism the bit board the fort pierre tourism board started working and doing some strategic planning the term future for pierre kinda came out of their vision and their thinking in the goal is really how can we think big how can we think about what is our we've used the the jfk speech the moonshot speech when he talked bug on the moon use that has kind of an example of what is our moonshot what are those things when we think big big enough one of the things we can be if we think out ten fifteen years snacks while declined to say if any specific ideas have come up and is fully expecting to hold public hearings to gain him put on how to proceed from the community go there's already been some brain storming of of some some pieces but the whole community has to come come together around it yeah i will give an example the court land is something that always comes up in them in the middle of town and how we use that boat doc in and how we how we use that area and work on it that's something that's come up in all the conversations what that looks like and what comes out of that that has to be the community coming together the neighborhood around there um just a number of different entities getting behind it but we're trying to get organized enough to have that conversation in the.

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