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What is the latest on Jiri and the raptors well Masais under contract for at least two more years in Toronto, Washington, had, you know, heavily weighed making a run at Gerry in, you know, in the end they didn't call for permission to talk to him about a running Washington. They had been very publicly rejected by Tim Connolly the president in Denver. Washington didn't want to have that happen, a second time, and I think ultimately in the end two factors, one in the end I don't think they thought they could get messiah. I think they were. Perhaps even leery about what it would cost financially to get him. They never alternately made the call and Tommy Sheppard who's their interim GM. They've been happy with how he has handled making changes with process, all the things that maybe weren't there in Washington under the previous regime, and they've allowed him here to keep going through the draft and now into free agency and, and they'll reevaluate in DC how they want to go forward. And so back in Toronto. Is there any way to gauge how this impacts Kawais upcoming decision? Well, it's certainly a positive and I think what messiah Jerry is done, which is really remarkable is build a relationship with letter. That's not easy to do in less than a year. It took the Spurs years to do that. Now co I was a much younger player when he came in the league. He's more mature. I think it's probably easier to build a relationship with them. But given that this is the player who is not happy about being traded there. Who really at the very beginning of his arrival in Toronto, just saw this is a one year way station on his way to somewhere else. And what Masai did what the raptors organization did was make a compelling case to him that they were a viable alternative long-term. They're certainly under consideration. Right now, they managed his health and a great way. They put a team around him that allowed him to, to win to win the championship to be a finals MVP. They closed a gap that there was a tremendous Gulf from where they started to where they are now on the cusp of July free agency. Outstanding as always terrific work. Thank you so much, my friend. We'll see you again soon. Let me bring back into the business Jiri, you're talking about from jurors no question. Wo does the best in the business. Jiri may have generally managed his way into the hall of fame was the stuff he did this year. And but the big question is where does all of this leave? Kawhi Leonard, I've been spending time thinking about this green the most. Thing for quite is to secure the bag. Long-term a lot of people say, oh, it can do one one and coming off the NBA finals watching. Kevin. Durant go down being there. Watching Klay Thompson go down. And I know people can come up with the alternative narrative wealth. He's still going to be one of the best players in the league if he does get hurry can still secure the max. I that sounds fine until it you in that situation that sounds fine until you have an injury that maybe you potentially couldn't come back from. So I think coli yes, if you wanna stay in Toronto, think about the long-term doing can make fifty million dollars more than you could there anywhere else. Or even if you do think what the clippers sign up for your deal signed that five year deal, secure the bag long-term. It is really a remarkable thing when you think about it. There were so. Many circumstances, that are unprecedented in sports based upon the way, the NBA structure, works guys are making decisions that are really not based on winning championships, and they're not based on money..

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