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So that's been really helpful. The other thing I want to mention is recently I've been in a really laser beam d- the last I'd say, month or two. I've been fully firing on also, I feel locked in and I said to Craig, I love the weekly accountability as. But right now I feel like I'm already on in it. I'm in ahead and I and I gotta be careful about this because I don't wanna get cocky and then lose this. But I said, I'm, I haven't done the accountabilities. But then I said, I said, look, I'm super busy, but I'm locked in and I feel like I've got it right now. And then at one point I just responded to him and kind of gave him in my words, what was happening and how I learned from it, what I needed to do and he's awesome, don't do. He's I do what you're doing. Until you need me again. So it was kinda great. It wasn't like he was like, no, I didn't get scolded more. Not answering his weekly questions. He was like, that's awesome. I love to hear this. I'm so pumped up for you. Come back to them when you need them again, you know when you need to lean on me again and that's what's been happening because it's been so around the clock for me that I feel like I've got him ingrained. Like I said, I'm getting up at four in the morning. I'm doing all the things and just kind of like at some point, I'll go back to answering the questions every week as it was right now for two months ahead and there was one other thing. I can't remember what, oh, they talk about like he and and Jay an and Beja talk about a, you know, putting yourself out in public accountability. Now I am not a dude who naturally took to social media. I mean, it's been like pulling teeth to get on there. And now I kind of. I gave over to Twitter a few years ago, although now I've cooled on that and now Instagram. I feel like I've finally like had a, you know, a flip a switch, went off in my head where I'm kind of embracing it, but putting stuff out there that has been really good for like I had the first draft of my script. I took a picture of it. I did a post about it and basically I'm like, okay, I'm talking smack in front of, you know, twenty five thousand people, thirty thousand people. I better write this frigging script, you know, otherwise, I'm a liar. You know the thing with getting in shape. I was like, I'm gonna take. I don't do like shirtless selfie. That's not my thing, but I'm like, I'm gonna do that when it comes to the day, if I gotta get myself to that point and I do it and I did it and the and it forced me to be accountable to largely strangers, but it's like it's a good way to go like, Yup, you can't. Talk smack. You've got to do it. So it's hugely hugely humbling. I mean, it keeps your ego in check to what imagine when you're when you're on in that space when you put yourself out there to thirty thousand plus people, even the podcast is like that because if you're going to sit here every Friday, you're going to come out with an episode that's aimed to encourage people and get them to keep going well. When you have your down days, you're like, hey, dude. Sorry, you're the perseverance guy. He can't. You can't afford to just like throw in the towel. You're you. Otherwise, your whole thing is shot, you know? And that's been cool, like even being on other people's podcast is like people will ask you questions, and it's easy to have a great answer in an interview. You know what's not easy as to then go follow through the, you know, the rest of the twenty four hours of the day and what it does again. It's like. Hey, I just had this really cool conversation where I told all these people. I have faith that I know the next jobs coming..

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