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Well you can fight Cain Velasquez instead and I was like, okay. Well if I came last guys at this point, we were shared by like two years, you know, and then they were like cocaine doesn't want to fight you he has nothing to gain. I was like, yeah, there's any game by beating and so it's a but yeah, it's a I I think I don't think the Champs should be able to turn down anybody. I think that's the way it should be. Have you ever turned out a fight? No, never did, you know God. Um called me to get paid. Well, then said that the person first person first of interesting. Make damn find that interesting that way and you don't get paid. I mean, it's I don't know. I mean, you know, as far as the person I am I like who's Monte far as I feel like I like this I like I like everything about them. I just want to see that that rematch happened because I was there for the first one and like you said showing it was one of the best place I've ever been to live off. I was really it was one of those sites were even though Colby lost. You know, I think that he's his his he got more out of I mean he still respected and people liked him back and he actually gained a lot in the laws and when somebody status status goes up in a loss. That's when you know, it's a good fight. It's sort of like McDonald's versus them or fight, you know, even though what Bobby won those fights it was so amazing fights and no one's ever going to go. Oh man. I can't believe you lost that fight. It was just like home. Isn't quite tired to fight. So that's maybe the other thing too that has been thinking as he doesn't want he doesn't want any more than Kobe hat and gassed he was going to get his ass kicked in or whatever..

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