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Follow me on twitter at armstrong taryn can follow brent at one lucky gay and you can find me on twitch taryn armstrong so do that watch the feeds with me sometimes it's a lot of fun all right let's get into the spoilers let's do it disease this is your last chance get out of here get out first question from the spoiler question shelly wants to know how you feeling moderately better i've been sick the last few days so tweeted out that you're you're going perfect attendance that that there's apparently patron price for that so legitimate prize but you you know know these updates need to keep running i honestly i was more with skip the recap than the update but i felt i'm just telling you telling everybody that i can do it so i i almost did ask you to fill in on the on the update but but i started to feel feel a little bit better and my clearly my voice actually works even if it is slightly different pitch so let's talk about the spoilers we know that did not use the veto but brent how're the votes shaping up right now because i don't even know if they're totally solidified at this point they're not solidified at this point but if i had to guess i would guess is probably going to be something like ten to three maybe it might even be thirteen zero or twelve to one with jc voting to keep sam tyler the thing that's happening right now is that tyler things that he's running everything and then the bros along with rachel and angela have all jointly decided after the rose outta talk last night that they don't really feel good they don't you know it's so much it's so fun to talk about you know what we're just gonna vote this way and it's going to be seventy six we don't care we're going down with our team and then when the when eviction night approaches everybody gets cold feet it's very rare that you see a vote actually come down to vixen night people are going to stay on their side if they know which way the votes are gonna fall i'm sort of bummed about that i don't want the one side to just fall over to steve side just so i'm clear on what's happening i think that the level six alliance is at least last i saw before i started this recap is looking like they're going to flip their votes to steve they don't really feel but first of all santa's unexposed her power to them and sam still thinks that she has i think tyler has led her led her to believe that he's trying to get all the votes for her that he is getting all the votes that he has at least six or seven so she thinks she's staying steeping that he's staying and she has an exposed this power yet now if she gets wind of the fact that she's not gonna stay i think she will tell them that she has the power however it doesn't look like they're going to tell her that they are voting against your and so the last minute but they aren't going to tell her rachel angel talking about the fact that they don't want sam to go out basically thirteen zero and not really know that it's coming if she thinks she's staying so i'm not i'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen i knew tyler was working on kaelin's vote tyler might be able to get kaelin's vote but it might be four not if the level six alliance doesn't mean they have the votes in the first place and they don't really feel like you know what winston bread or like and let me say good on steve because he's done an admirable job getting close to winston brett winston bread and making them feel like i'm beneficial having the game sam whatever you will say about her being a robot or her inability to play big brother or just being bad at big brother she has not done a good job at that and bus they want to keep steve so they're ruining all our fun taryn yeah there were a lot of different ways this vote could have flipped there was this idea mhm rockstar to have some hanky votes blame them on the bros and then that would have ended up with potentially a vote where steve goes home accident that's probably not going to happen because sam tried.

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