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Where they did a review, replay review, and you saw the little pellets coming up from the from the field turf when he was dragging his foot, they need to make different color field turf pellets for the sideline and the regular field. So when you review it with the second at the toes, hit the sideline, red pellets that come up. I like that. Yeah, out of bounce. Yeah, I, why don't they do that because they don't have a genius like me working in the main office that's actually end you should. They should make the pellets edible. Could eat them like cereal or something. Make them out of lucky charms or something gushers yet dipping dots dip in dots ice cream in the future, Hong for twenty five years. Seriously, I think that'd be pretty cool. Yeah, I agree. Find find me reason why that's not doable. I, that's a great idea. And then you also had a drunk idea for Jim Thome. Yeah, Jim Thome Soula had his own drunk idea. He was being interviewed at Redskins training camp and they were talking to him about like how to how to drink beer. He was talking to the reporter about what a good Australian beer wasn't. He was like, well, here we drink PBR and I learned the secret grown up in the mills. I guess Jim Thome solit- grew up in a mill, not surprised. He says born actually, probably, you know, the Sunday only Pittsburgh and they have the melting steel. He was born in one of those. Jim Thome still definitely tried to dip like a piece of sausage into molten steel like it was fun to eight point eight. So this is from Chad Ryan. He said that Jim Thome Sylla's trick to drinking PBR is you take freezing cold PBR, then you put a pinch assaulted, it'll change your life. So so that's basically what we're doing for the rest of our rest relies just PBR with salt. And I would also say like put an egg in there anyway that they've drink beer on the wire. You remember how those dockworkers uses Yatta crack a raw egg into their beer. Yup, that's that's working man that's called hair on your chest. Yes. If you definitely has some here on, I missed him Thompson, he needs to do you think he would ever get another? No. Head coach, and now I feel like I'm high contact type being Cal, here's what's going to happen. I'm gonna say maybe to answer that question that we're gonna work our selves into a lather, getting excited about this next job. What are you what? What if he goes to the Steelers cool that yes, they just never fired. We have so many people today. We're going around the forty Niners silly, you know, they've won five Super Bowls. They've had a bunch of famous famous players, fans history, all the stuff, and all we did was ask people, you meet him. Tunsil gyms Lewis, Jimmy. Yeah. Yeah. Football remembers. I interview when he liked to. It looks like a wet dog. Before we finish with some Rick Reilly reading, you have spins on real quick idea. I've spent on this is from its new quote from Hugh Jackson. So they asked Jackson about like little disagreement that he got into Todd Haley. During hard knocks, Hugh Jackson was like, I think we've just shouldn't have players play at all. Yes, and Todd, Haley respectfully, I think it'd be good for a football team. If our football players practiced and Hugh Jackson was like, no, we don't do that here in Cleveland. They asked him about that and Hugh Jackson, I'm really glad you asked me that question, which is what you say to somebody when you're not glad that I'm glad you brought that up because I went back over the last couple years and looked, and we haven't had any soft tissue injuries in training camp over the last couple of years. No. So mission accomplish, don't you don't say win? No, you don't say that part. Okay. They haven't had any soft tissue injuries during training camp last two years. Got it. So the two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen clue. Island Browns were massive success?.

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