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Que register yeah he's hosting one of the we have to ensure that the meeting them and exceeding you know exceed to the which leads and to me and i truly gauge central in the past one man's losses another man's i'm quite low is you lives in the ground zero everybody eight months lives to their potential that is going to be what a lot of the state in the future you must live your potential you let's make sure that not only are you living healthy but you must ensure that yourselves structures unseld routes are living healthy and what are you doing to destroyed what are you doing the harm your body that is the question in the field of aging research by adjourned solid this has been completely transformed and taken bowed ten years to do this when single james earn changed adam also ensured we old stay young any hillman's these meetings would be in august to a ninety year old looks and feels forty five on this bases with begin to think of aging is in his eighties or commit to order at least postponed but field of aging is beginning to explode now because so many are so excited about the prospect of searching for and finding because of aging and maybe even the found of youth itself that's why we're having a lot of strange activity going on what people were getting blood transfusion from teenagers but people are looking for that way of extending live in is because of the aging baby before the aging baby boomers finding ways to extend their lives and one of the ways to do so study the lengths or of the tell nurse which is why commercials i taylor years raw this is why twenty three in the exist they want to use dna employing the dna so that you can live longer they're employing.

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