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Greg Connor Surani? Amen. I think this is a great five for you have see I think I mean all three guys are both that you guys were at Barclays center. The second cowboy got even into the entrance to walk in the place went crazy. I think it was the best environment for any fight on the night last weekend. So cowboy just has that it factor, you know, win or lose people. I think people just like the, you know, he'll fight anywhere anytime against anybody. You know, and you're putting him against a guy who's the biggest superstar in the sport. I think it would be huge for the that said, I think my guy doesn't need a shot at Connor. And I know what happened earlier in the career, but people are calling for max Holloway to fight again. Fi- Connor again, you know, so it's like times of change over the years is been amazing recently. And he's just waiting for a fight. And I think Conor poor. You would be the better match up in my. Wow, I did not expect that boy doesn't. Uber with them. Once is that it what's this? What's this story? There's no Baxter. I just like him over all. Well, you said my boy your boy. Now, he said, my my my I do like him as a person I do like him as a fighter. I mean, everything has been has been fireworks. So I mean, it just hard to have have somebody win that many times in a row, and then not give him a real shot. You know, and it's like how it's like you look back like it doesn't feel that long ago that he got I know way class differences, but like knocked up until right away. You know, it's like he's a fan favourite. I don't necessarily think he's the most serving what do you think? Phil. I mean of all the Connor options if I put poor area in the in the top five or even even top ten Connors the ultimate call out. I l Quintas calling him out everyone wants that fight because they know it's guaranteed one point three one point five was two point four million per view buys, but I am so in on cowboy against Connor. We'll find out when is it here in January twenty. Nine six days. Something up very shortly. We'll find out what the suspensions are for Connor in Khabib. That's another fight as much as Connor wants immediate rematch. I don't think that that loses any staying power. If sake be facing a twelve month. Bannon Connors, say six months for Connor to fight in the interim. I think he looks at a thirty six year old cowboy Sironi and says, okay, stylistically alike, myself in that fight even now, you know, dad bottled strength cowboy is apparently a handful. He looked phenomenal Alex Hernandez. But as soon as I saw that fight with cowboy the black hat cowboy. How great of a stylistic matchup yet be standing trade the rowdy Irishman? You know, the press conference was leading with it. Cowboys all about don't disrespect me or I'll teach you a lesson and Connors the king of disrespect and selling a fight. So at this stage in Cowboys career, it's gotta be title fight fights toward a title fight. Which Alexander's hairnet has was not matchmaking pro cowboy that was very much to build Hernandez. Right. But cowboy capitalized on it with very impressive win had the best pop the night in Brooklyn. What it what an atmosphere there from the time? He walked out of the tunnel. Obviously. When he scored the TKO so of all the likely Connor fights. I was calling for a Holloway rematch as well. A super fight there. There we go going right to the super fight. But if we can't get that. I am. I am in on McGregor Surani. Yeah. So you're you're getting me excited about this..

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