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Because it was colder. There's a smaller area. But I mean at least one hundred people were there and people from out of town in town and the cool thing is. They said they even invite like traveling musicians out to it so you just have to be there at the right time right place. I guess but yeah and they do it every single week and it's a really beautiful place because I just I felt so much soul there. Yeah me too. I loved it so much more than I thought I would. I guess yeah it takes place in the summer months at this resort Called Dornan's yeah. I remember like when I was first hearing about this new. Told me about this like resort. I thought Dornan's was a restaurant in Jackson or something. I literally had no idea. It was in Grand Teton or like what it was. I definitely did not expect but it turned out to be but it was awesome and this resort looks like a rustic lodge or something. It looks like more like Glam and a hotel I guess and I love it so so cool. This whole event takes place there with these musical performers under a tent and food and drink served on night long. I mean it was just an absolute blast. Yeah and speaking of food and drinks I think we need to carve out some time to talk more about how Jackson and also Teton village. And how incredible the foods he says in both of these places. It's wonderful I love it. Yeah like the million dollar boy bar. That's places great you and I have both been a couple of times now and this is like an iconic stop in Jackson. It's right on the central square of the town and one of the older venues in Jackson and has a really big like light up. Sign kind of like a Las Vegas. Ask with a big huge cowboy. It's yawning does he. Let us right. Helix spins around. Well Yeah and inside. Is this big sprawling? Saloon like Bar and the best part is the the little bar itself is lined with not just bar stools but the key their stools with what are the. What are they called? They're like you said I like saddle are you are a little hard to climb up onto. But it's really like on a horse you're getting very little experience with horseback riding spine. My desperate confusion right now without. Yeah I love it though. No it was really beautiful just to get on the saddles and just like sit there and drink and there's some great cocktails in their food. Y'All it's like a pick up window Option there's that one where you go order it from the window go up to the bar put your number down in the bring it to you. But then there's also that steakhouse down below and you haven't I have I myself to him really beautiful dinner there one night and I just loved it. I was expensive for one person. I mean I'm not done yet. It was probably like ninety bucks by the time I was done. I had I had staked potatoes. I had cocktails and it was the perfect. That's like the most classic Meiomi Meal Makoto Wyoming and I say he can't get a cauliflower steak right off the Tofu like I'd probably get like literally thrown out of the front of the doors right. Yeah absolutely so. This place is essential. My I think my favorite place for food is. This cafe called softening bakery and there are actually two locations. Do Mary Yeah. So there's one like right around the corner from this bar in the heart of Jackson and then there's a newer one near Teton village. And which is right by where we were staying hostage. This place is so good. It's like sunny and sleek and modern and the food is just really wholesome and delicious and seasonal and they're known especially for their bait goods like cakes and cookies in quick breads and stuff like that. I wouldn't be surprised. Just like serve a like a cauliflower steak dinner. But they don't but yeah because it was more like modern like green balls. Wholesome stuff like that and when we were last there when you and I went together I had like a carrot coconut bread or something so not like a cake. It was more like banana bread but with coconut and carrot and so just wonderful they do everything perfectly and turmeric. Yeah where was that place that you had the White Russians? So that was the lodge. Were saying Teton village. This place called the spur. Yes and just. It's just like beautiful looking homey cozy restaurant slash saloon in on the bottom level of the hotel and it seems like the right place of Russia. And like it's that vibe you just WanNa like do all the cozy things and drink the boozy espressos stuff and it was great and then you told me about this bar where you're like roll the dice. Determine your job in your chaser. Whatever you know. Yeah we need to talk about so. That place is called the handlebar. It's also with in Teton village. It's just a short walk away from were staying and that was my favorite thing ever and that was the one I really wanted to take you to. But they were closed in addition to most everything else on Tito village but so the deal is like I mean. The restaurant itself has just great. It's this beautiful mountain lodge restaurant with like polished wood and soaring ceilings. And just you know with great whiskey and beer fried chicken sandwiches and stuff like that. Looks like kraft go back? Yeah this place alone is worth a revisit but the best thing about it is. There's this option on the drink menu where you roll dice to determine your mic shot chaser in beer so three different three different roles I believe. Yeah and it's it's a gamble because at my alley I mean the beers are all good and the I think the risk is part was like the shots because some of them are like traditional and then some of them are kind of wild like there. There was a pickle green pickle juice or something and then hot dog. Water is one of them. No so you don't WanNa let on that. The best part was like I did it. I roll the dice. I got something relatively tame. Same thing for my brother and my sister was really nervous to do it because she was deathly afraid of getting Hot Water. Which is understandable. Who thought but she finally did. It sure looked fine overall and then she landed on the hot water and we burst out laughing so she immediately grabbed. The DIS enrolled again. As if we didn't notice that she leaned but then again landed on hot tidewater she was just. I'm sorry I can't do that. She's like I and II forfeit. Yeah like she danced around that she cheated to get out of hot water because she if she is being honorable should've done the hot water but probably opted for one. I got a beautiful beers in Jackson. I mean it's turning out to be this little beer with craft breweries popping up all over the area seniors so I wouldn't blame emily for doing that. No I don't for the local sensory now I I remember. We went to this one It's Roadhouse Branko. Which has a small taproom at its original brewery. And then there's another prob located Whereas a full restaurant yeah. It's just the perfect like all of it. Everything we do. I love the decor. The decor is very rustic. Chic the beer brands amazing. The beer names are amazing and the food just also good really ought to place. Tell overseen by Brewer Colby Cox and Jeff Gavin fine. Who definitely are one of the best known chefs in the area And they have several restaurants throughout Jackson so food. At the Roadhouse is definitely better than what most people think when they're going to like get brewery for. Yeah I I think. The many here is full of surprises. Definitely raising the bar unlike Barfield so to speak. Because he's got things. Like Sierra Idaho Trout and Fried ARTICHOKES IN BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER. So not a cough our stake but in the same vicinity and then there are like Kimchi. Hotdogs Kimchi hot water shots for Emily. Would you do that then? No no those flat breads. Oh yeah duck routine and then there's even a Zucchini needle lasagna. Which if you like I mean. I'm really into Zucchini Noodles. Wonderful idea and we also had something similar in West Yellowstone at Some SELENA WE WENT OUT. We can slow and coast. Yes and I had that there. I had not LASAGNA but I have like Zucchini.

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