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Okay. I want to make them think about this. Let's guess. Yes. Sounds great. And then you went to you said what to the other investors? I said, hey, Kleiner wrote it off would anyone else like to end? What did? Okay. So that was for a hundred bucks that was one hundred times more expensive. Wasn't a lower case. Oh, Chris is company. Yeah. Partially they stopped. They stopped criticism. One. Investing more senior just move on. Yeah. They stopped that he invested roof phones. Okay. Oh, wow. We okay. And then the others are just sitting there. So how much the what's the liquidation preferences now is the number now it's messing around two million. Wow. Okay. So it's like a seed funding company. Okay. Roughly. All right. Let's get to where you can say what just it gave me a path. Right. Like it. I intend to sell the company for like ten million bucks or anything like that. But like just the the feeling that I had built something. And like it's worth could have been more than the investment frights light that you know, that gave me a lot of confidence in in like all of a sudden, I think really overnight while straight like it felt like, wow, I have I can work on dumber at again. Because like the thing is with with Gummer like every every day every minute. I spent working thinking about it like that's not going to come back to me. You know, it was hard to work on work on. Now you actually own enough with the company for tomato. Yeah. Okay. Let's talk about what you did to get it there. So one thing monthly membership. What do you do creative to what you need to do to a monthly membership? You put that together. It's out there and help steady things ten thousand breath of air Bs flits next needed to..

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