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Sex magic has a large variety of manifestations and if you think about what are the areas of human activity that have the most intensity emotional connection if you wanna talk in terms of energy build up the most the largest pools of of energy and engagement of an individual or individuals in that would certainly clued if not be led by sexuality and so participation in sexual activity in the ritual context is simply using the various methods of sex engagement net could be anything from masturbation to intercourse of both men and women or women together or meant together or as a group of varying genders all of these kinds of techniques are means to move consciousness or move energy or to consecrate an object to ones will or desires or to create a context for a noces or access to a transcendent knowledge so it really depends on what the goals are of the participants it could be as mundane as you want something done you create a talisman for it and then to focus your will and notions about that and participate in a mass petoskey activities and then with climax or something coming from that bodily fluids those that consecrates the talisman it could be as extensive as individuals participating in group sexuality and using bodily fluids or orgasm or the energy from it to concentrate things or to get an individual or multiple participants in a state of consciousness that are receptive to mystical experience or knowledge a it just there's all kinds of different ways that.

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