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Issue two fifty six of putin joe ju pootie hits the pipe in this memorable all time classic issue juju suddenly notices pootie is an acting like his or her normal self right cody's suddenly stand up past midnight instead of getting in bed by nine pm at the latest as he or she had done for decades pootie wasn't up with the roosters anymore in the mourn now pootie sleep until noon noon no more three square meals no single cookie and milk before bedtime now pootie snack on sugary breakfast cereals that aren't healthy like super sugar crisps honeycomb sugar smacks lucky charms at all hours of the day pootie doesn't do much of anything but lay on the couch eat pringles doritos twinkies and laugh way too hard of the brady bunch shirts kind of funny but it's no mash is no bob newhart show it sure shit isn't sanford and sons and that's when juju finds out to pootie has been smoking weed gas chuck or juju soon discovers the pootie is quit working at the post office and now we're at a record shop unknown hippie hotbed even worse juju finds tickets pootie is bought to see known weed smokers law the doobie brothers we'll airland no centro in southern sent freight got to keep on pushing mama you know they're running late without love don't that where would you ride now with lou without you just got pre michael mcdonald he joined the ban a few years later concern for pootie safety judy confronts pootie when juju catches pootie.

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