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You stopping by. And there's a lot going. We just jumped into the to the battle topic. Robert Francis Aurore calls himself bet the reason why he says that's not his name. And for those of you who think he's part, Hispanic. He's not is mother is not from Mexico. Like a lot of people in Texas want you to believe he is in fact, a fourth generation Irishman. And it's okay, I love I I've got some Irish in me. I'm I'm good with that. It's no problem also Mexicans. He just doesn't happen to be Mexican. He's a guy that is doing exactly what the left says, we're not allowed to do which is culturally appropriate to me, the fact that he isn't coming out and say, listen, I'm not Mexican Hispanic at all. To me that that makes it seem like he's pulling a Rachel Dulles all or Shaun king white people pretending to be black. And it's not okay. It's a ploy to get votes in Texas. And he got like four million votes. He did very well against Ted Cruz, but he had to he raised more money than any other senatorial campaign ever at eighty million dollars eighty million dollars squandered he and he lost. Now. He's going to run for president. And he's an awkward, dude. Some are calling him the Hispanic Bobby Kennedy, which again makes no sense because he's not Hispanic, but he goes by battle. He claims that he was called that by everybody is a youngster because Davis Robert and short for Roberto in Spanish is better. Oh, also short for Umberto. And I think maybe Alburto they also go with Beto. But everybody the news media causing Beto everybody. Oprah's calling Beto nobody. But nobody just me is calling them out by his real name. In high school. He wrote some review of a play. And I forget what it was some musical. And he was writing about the girls butts in their boobs and everything else. And the byline is Robert aerobic. It's not bad though. I'm not sure he was ever called that maybe. And then I've heard there are rumors that he had. Housekeepers that were from Mexico as a kid, and because they spoke Spanish they called him Beto. Maybe. But the proof that he offers up at his name is bet though. BTO? Is a picture when he was like five years old. And he's wearing a sweater in some class picture and the front of the shirt that says BTO now, maybe I'm just I haven't been around much, but I've never ever seen a kid walking around with his name in front of his shirt. I mean, I played sports growing up, and we always had the jersey with our name of the back. Joey speaking was her last name. But for some reason, there's a picture of him with BT o- on the front of his shirt when he was just a little kids. That's to prove that when he was little they called him that. By the way. The campaign signs on I'm based in Texas. Only say that don't say Iraq. They don't say Robert Francis. They just say b-t-o, whether it's a bumper sticker or campaign. Sign of the side of the road or the television commercials. BTO? So what's the purpose of doing that, not even adding a rock to it? Which is obviously very Irish again the assumption by a lot of people in Iraq is doing it that a change. It is that his mom must be for Mexico. And his dad is is probably the Irishman. Which is not the case. Of course. So this is the apparent he's already apologized for the misogynist comments. He made in that review of that musical. Now. He's had to apologize because as part of some group of people calling themselves the. The cult of the dead cow. And I want you to understand that making this up. Robert Francis was in some group in nineteen eighty eight. I guess he was fifteen or sixteen years old. And by the way, the left wants sixty year olds to vote. This story will show you how stupid sixteen-year-olds are. This the daily caller written by Scott Moorefield. He was in a hacking group called cult of the dead cow. He wrote about murder fantasies. And under the pseudonym psychedelic warlord. This was bad does pseudonym psychedelic warlord. He appears to be the author of the writer writes of the song of the cow published in nineteen eighty eight by CDC, call to the dead calculations. I'm gonna I'm not gonna say all the words in here. Because. I don't know just not. But here's part of what the poem says this is written by psychedelic warlord, better known as better. I need a bunch shine right now. You are. Holy oh sacred. Cow. I thirst for you. Provide milk buff. My that he says the man parts. Love the cow. Good fortune for those that do love me.

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